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me me me!

iv had it since ketosis kicked in, but this last week more so than ever!!

i have to stand up at snail pace ha, and feel as though if i even turn over too quick in bed i will see stars!! xx


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I have had it past couple of days from getting up out of bed!! It's not nice but just have to do it slower now :)
Me too!

Though I am anaemic so I'm generally dizzy throughout LT! When I'm eating normally I occasionally get dizzy when it's TOTM or if I go a couple of days without meat in my diet.

So I guess it makes sense that I should be permanently light headed when not eating at all. Maybe you should get your Hb and blood sugar levels tested to be on the safe side...


Here we go again!
I've had that too lately. When I get up from sitting down too quick the room spins a little. I get this anyway cos I have vertigo attacks every now and then so am used to it. Hope it gets better for you though!


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Yes, I get them. Had them for years actually. I had one that was so bad that I fainted.

It must be normal with the diet if a lot of people are getting dizzy spells.

Check with your doctor just in case. I have to get a blood test because my blood pressure and blood sugar levels are quite low.
I get them now and again, its just natural I reckon on a VLCD. Its probably just a dip in blood pressure. Get it checked if your worried though :D
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i think its somethin 2 do wiv blood pressure also. ive been feelin very dizzy this past week and i checked my blood pressure on a machine my mate has ( cos he has to take it everyday ) and it was really low x
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i usually feel dizzy if i havent been drinking enough water. hope u feel better soon x
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i still get dizzy feelings an am on day 6 of refeed

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