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dnt know what to do


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Hey guys, warning - this may be a bit depressing.

At the mo im struggling to get back on track im dead good at coming on here and giving advice only i never seem to take this on board myself. My major issue is i get married in august and im still 15stone ! i so wanted to be my pre baby weight (10.7) just thought i had alot longer to do it in. Ive messed about with this diet and others that now i see no other alternative but to walk down the aisle like a whale. Having loads of **** with oh's sister too (had a row and she called me a f***ing fat b***h ) and seems likes shes trying to ruin things so at the mo i just want to cancel it all. I have lost 2stone and seemed to be flying but now i struggle to even decide what to have to eat till i leave it too late then eat sommat that s quick

thanks if you got this far just needed to get it off my chest as i dont know what to do.
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oh hun, heres a biiiiig hug!!!:grouphugg:
dont think too much about your sis-in-law...I think loads of people are sometimes having small troubles with their in-laws. I bet, itll be all back to normal soon enough!!!
You know, August, thats still a few months away, so why dont you just go on loosing weight, as much as you are able to. Would you not feel more happy, if youd loose "even" a stone!!!??
Smile and get going now, hun
and well done on finding your other half!! xxx


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i know what ur saying i havnt even got a dress yet as i wanted to lose weight first , i know alot of people on here will understand that i just feel tied and dragged down with my weight it effects my day to day decisions so why does that not motivate me to get back on track

Thanx for the reply xx


I have my mojo
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Aaaaw Jax....sending you hugs :D

I think you need to sit down and weigh up what good things would come from you continuing to lose! Firstly, your dress, imagine how stunning you would feel and look on your big day - motive 1 :D

Your sister in law to be......lose that weight, feel a million dollars and rub it in her face when you have! Let's face it, she sounds like a fairly ugly person, whereas you can clearly be beautiful inside and out!! You can lose a sizable amount by August, so do not give up.

Kerry xx


soon to be skinny minnie
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Hi hun, sending you big hugs. Your sis in law to be doesn't sound like a very nice person , i can't stand it when people use the 'fat' card, it is the most obvious thing to throw at you, people who do that can't think of anything else intelligent enough so that is the only thing they can say. You go on and lose your weight hun, you should achieve a good couple of stone by august on sw if you stick at it , and as indiflower says, you are a good nice person inside and out. I would stick to sw if i were you, but if it is really getting you down soooo much and you really want to lose more weight, why not look at something like lighterlife or something along those lines. Just an idea but it is up to you.

Cheer up hun and just you show her!!! xxx


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I know it's hard to be a bit more relaxed about how uch you'll weigh on your wedding day but I agree with the others - keep losing and even if you aren't 10st 7lb by then at least you'll know that whatever weight you are will be the best that you can do in the time.
You really will feel better if you carry on and actually all brides are beautiful, because it's such a lovely day.
Have a good think and decide to lose as much as you can by the wedding.
As for your sis-in-law to be, ignore her, that's bound to get on her nerves LOL
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I felt very pressured to lose weight for my big day, in the end I didnt lose any and was a 21 stone bride in a size 26 dress, I had a wonderful day and had a corset so I went in at the waist!!!!

Looking back I have no regrets I didnt slim for my big day, actually, I lost several stones when we came back from honeymoon as I was ready then, no pressure etc.

Dont beat yourself up, be kind to yourself, however big or small you are you will have a wonderful day!

Big hugs


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thanx guys think im gonna have a google night. I recently gave up diet coke ( was the only think i ever drank ) after watching bbc 3's freaky eaters and learning that excessive consumption could leave to the liver of an alcoholic. Maybe if i find out everything else im doing to my body it may give me a wake up callx worth a try


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Dont put yourself under too much pressure- you do not HAVE to loose this weight today (would be nice, if we all could do that, wouldnt it!!?) or even until August. This is what you want...and if you try youll get closer and closer to your goal and the more close the better youll feel. You have already managed so much!
Im sure your OH loves you just as you are and he wants to get married to YOU, if you loose any weight or not.
Maybe, if you do not always have this time limit in front of your eyes, you might cheer up a bit and might find your decisions easier to make.
Dont think, "I have to loose 3(?) stone" Think " I want to loose 10lbs- that is my next goal, and whatever happens after that will happen- I do not have to think about that right now". Try and motivate yourself to loose 10lbs, not more not less. After that you can take the next step.


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thanx gem i know what u mean gonna do it 5 lbs at a time that aint too hard lol


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Wedding can be so stressful - remember the saying you can choose your friends (we are here) but not your family (your nasty sil).
August is 3 months away so take it small chunks at a time say half stone 'chunks'
You will look beautiful as you are a beautiful person within.
Maybe a bit of planning in the menu department - I plan 2 weeks ahead, don't always have what I have planned but there is always something in to make a SW dish.
Keep smiling.
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I know it doesn't feel like it but August is still ages away so plenty of time to get back on track.... One good week is all you need and you will be flying again.

Sit down over the weekend and plan next weeks menu... I do a seven day plan and swap my days about a bit if I feel like it, this is easy for me as I only do extra easy but you can adapt your plan to you.

Why not set yourself little mini targets and go one at a time:D


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Thanx guys for all your support, i dnt know what id do without this site and without u all xxxx
Hey hunni, i get married in October and have been faffing around with my weight, getting depressed when my mum makes comments about my weight (wobbling down the ailse and such) but yesterday i thought stuff it, i'm not have the 6 months leading to my wedding be a nightmore revolving around food. I actually bought a dress on ebay yesterday, its a size 24 so i need to lose maybe a stone to fit in it which is alot less pressure then trying to get to a size 16 which is what my mum wanted me to be. The most important thing is you're marrying the person you love. You will not look like a whale, you will look beautiful whether its at your size now or pre-baby weight, don't put so much pressure on yourself and ignore your the sil,


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Thanx Nilo, my mums the same i know they only do it coz they love us but just wanna scream sometimes. I just need to focus like you say on the day and not the food x
i think sometimes they don't understand how hurtful it is, but you need to do whats right for you, a wedding can be a great insentive but it can also work against you because you're so fixed on being that size/shape for your wedding if you slip up i think its harder. At the moment my thought is i have the rest of my life to lose weight no point trying to do it with quick fixes. You can always pm if you want to chat, trust me i can relate.


This is really the time!
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Moms forget it is not their big day!

Good luck! You both will look and feel amazing on the day xxx


Trying again!!!
There's not much to add to the wonderful advice already been posted here but just wanted to say enjoy YOUR big day, it goes in so fast so savour every moment of it, Sending you lots of hugs :hug99::hug99::hug99: xx


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Thanx guys for everything xxx

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