do any of you have a cut off time


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to stop eating for the evening, would be interesting to see if there is a difference between thos that stop eating at a certain time and those that have free foods as late as they wish.

I'm a bit of both i will try and stop eating before 8pm but won't worry over it if i fancy something one night later than that.
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We discussed this in group last week and my consultant said it like this:-

You will lose weight if what you eat equals less than what you spend out. Your body is constantly burning calories, even when you are asleep. So long as your calorie intake is less than the amount of calories you spend out, you will lose weight. And free foods are the best things to eat if you are still hungry in the evening.


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I tend to do it like a baby... on demand... know that sounds bad but throughout the day I have my meals but time is a little slipped is all.


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i am always eating! i eat so much free foods and i lose weight, i have thought about about stopping at a certain time but i tend to just end up eating something anyway. as long as i dont go over my syns i dont worry about it really =)


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I dont have a cut off time as I go to bed late... eat tea around 6-7pm, am hungry by 11pm but often dont go to bed til 12.30-1am. Maybe an early night might help!


I really try to not eat after 8pm, but last night came in from a night out about 1am and had cottage cheese on ryvieta haha!


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I have to admit I don't have a cut off time, nor do i try to stop eating by a certain time :eek: If i'm hungry I eat. My ex consultant told me it's best to eat if you're hungry and eat the right foods, than to get a craving for a chocolate bar because you have resisted food for so long and end up having more syns than was needed and I still managed to lose alot of weight doing this (7st infact). I have put on weight since but that was my own fault and i'm back on track now :D


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No i don't have a cut off time, usually save a Hex for supper, don't like going to bed hungry. xxx Loobylou

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Before 12 for me...otherwise I would be into the next day for eating!! Lol...well it seems to work for me!


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I don't have a cut off point. If I'm hungry I have a snack. Usually a ryvita or two, or some fruit, etc. If it's late, and I've had tea earlier in the evening, I reckon it's not proper hunger, as such. Just peckishness. And it's not nice to go to bed feeling hungry. So a light snack makes me feel satisfied and doesn't seem to do me any harm.


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EAT when you want i say just eat free i like to feel f ul before i go to bed helps me sleep