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Just a quick Q??
my friend is on cd and yest was really quite poorly with sickness etc just wondered if cd packs contain gluten as she has a slight intollerance
i thought if they did and she was going to see any side effects it would have happened day 2/3 she has been on it a week now
any ideas ??????
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Just spoke to her and she doesnt think shes allergic to lactose feeling better today may have been a bug


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not sure know she had chick mush but think it was only 2 packs


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The soups have gluten in them all other products are gluten free. Is she having them?

Sorry if I gave you wrong info kittykat, but was only reading out of my cambridge diet book - why does it say "The Cambridge Diet drinks and bars are all gluten free" on page 137 Linda??? That is so mis-leading, and that's the last thing I would want to be.

It says drinks and bars meaning shakes as drinks, soups are not regarding as drinks if that makes sense.

Last year it was relaxed slightly as the gluten levels are really low, however, it is there and I have had people react to it.

Up to about 18 months ago it was a strict no no for soups - I still stick to that in the majority of cases. However, if my client has very mild intollerance I let them make the decision to try one or two but ensure this is signed by the customer on the MRF that they are aware gluten is present.

It is new also to check for egg and soya allergy if a soya allergy is present all products are contraindicated.

If you look at the side of the soup cartons the allergen information is listed.




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Odly enough I'm wheat & dairy intolerant BUT none of the flavours (soups & shakes) have upset me at all, except the chilli- which gave me wind!
I was scared of not being able to carry on with it but it's been brilliant, tell your friend to drink TONS of water, it's helped me.


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I just wanted to add that I'm intolerant to cows milk, but I have stuck to the regular soups/shakes and I haven't had any problem.

I think it is because the actual quantity in them is so small - my intolerance was caused by my body overdosing in cow's milk products. I had to cut out all products containing cows milk - that is a lot(I had to stop eating chocolate :eek: ) but they did say that after 4 - 6 mths I could slowly re-introduce cow's milk.

Hope your friend feels better soon


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well shes feeling better but went for all sweet packs this week to be on safe side

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