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Do Green Days Really Work

It will probably be different from person to person, I know some people struggle with too many carbs but you can do green without over loading on pasta and rice so there's no reason why it won't work. As you can only do green you will need to work hard on variety in your diet, the variety will really help with your losses. Perhaps try a week or different things daily to see if it helps.

I can have really good losses on green weeks and some not so good, my best ever loss was on a completely green week so it's do-able. Good luck.:)
I do 95% green days. I do try however to vary the carb portion of my meal throughout the week.

Stick with it it does work, dont compare yourself to others though, it doesnt matter how long it takes to get the weight off, just that you get there in the end
I am a vegetarian so can only really do green days, however I don't seem to be losing as much as my friends who are able to get a bit more variety mixing red, green and EE etc - any thoughts?
I mostly do green days and have lost 16.5lbs in 7 weeks. However, it's not impossible to do vegetarian red days, I'm vegan and can manage it quite easily. I tend to have things like baked tofu with veg, stir fry, chilli without any rice, curries. I'm making a curried cauliflower frittata using tofu instead of eggs this week which I'll have with veg or salad. As a vegetarian you could make quiche, omelettes, veggie fry ups etc. Don't forget you can have small amounts of carbs as healthy extra's on red days!


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I lost pretty much all my weight doing green as I'm vegetarian. My advise would be to base your meals around veg rather than carbs, and as said don't just rely on pasta. Make the most of all the free foods you can have on a green day. Variety in all things is key!


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This is music to my ears - I have been having a real struggle loosing weight on green and have just posted to find out about EE days as a vegetarian - I am delighted that I can also do Red days too - I am going to get my book out now and do some planning... - why didn't my consultant suggest any of this to me before?????

thank you all for this invaluable thread,

F4ye x :thankyou:

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