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Do I get rid of my old suits and Jeans ?????


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yes totally ! I did is a few weeks ago and it was one of the best things I have done - left me feeling empty for a couple of weeks though as I didn't have any of my comfort blankets to go and hide in!! The last time I lost a decent amount of weight (2/3 stone)I didn't bother so it was easy to ignore the weight creeping back on as I always had something that fitted to wear. This time i'm not taking that risk.


this time - the last time
Definately say goodbye.

It'll be much more humiliating to have to go into a shop and buy a bigger size, than it will to search through old clothes to find something to fit! Therefore if your new thin clothes start feeling snug, you'll be more likely to do something to manage your weight, rather than manage your wardrobe!

I am throwing away/charity shopping/ebaying all the clothes I grow out of (except my biggest pair of trousers I had, which I am saving for one of those "look at me at goal, standing in one leg of my old fat trousers" photos! I always wanted one of those! Hehe!)
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ditch them hun , you have lost the weight you dont need them any more , :D:D
I agree with everyone else, I too have previously dieted, lost the weight and then when it crept back on just gone and retrieved my 'bigger' clothes from their hiding place. I've been ruthless this time and make a point of decluttering my wardrobe each week. Is very liberating - although amazing how many clothes you have which you've never really worn.

Definately throw them out - you're never going to need them again, so why waste the wardrobe space by keeping them? you need that space for all your new 'slim' clothes! :) x
It's a tough one…I know on one hand that when the time comes I'll need to get rid of all my fat clothes but I will be gutted with the money lost but looking forward to buying lots of slim clothes :p the one thing I can't part with is my Barbour coat cost me £150 christmas time but now looks like it belongs to my OH because it's just hanging off…I don't think he'll buy me another one!! ….I say be ruthless!! you don't need the temptation of fat clothes to fall back on :):) they are NOT your friends! lol x
i would keep the best ones, a couple of good jeans and tops. Whilst we think we wont put weight on, if weight is lost quickly on vlcds 80%-90% yo-yo until they stabulise their weight, through regular exercise and a change in overall eating habits, I intend to keep my 'fat' clothes until I have kept at goal for a couple of years, then I know I've cracked it!!

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