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Do i have to eat my syns

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yup eat your syns, then if you reach a plateau you can cut them out. also if you dont have them you feel deprived and yu're more likely to fall of the wagon!! x

Mrs V

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The syns are there to prevent you from cheating and eating things that are higher in calories. I tend to keep mine for extra cheese or mayo.
Its better to have some of the syns a day, rather than none. Mine vary from 1.5-6, and I dont feel deprived.
However if you go from not having any to suddenly having some, you may experience a little gain or sts until your body adjusts.


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I am sure they're optional, but as others have said, they are there to curb cravings and ultimately stop you from falling off the wagon to a binge later if you actually cut all 'syn' stype food out...I don't do slimming world and have never tried it, but I have one 'cheat' day a week, Sunday....I eat what I want (normal portion sizes though, not an excuse to binge or pig out)...it keeps me from wanting to binge or eat silly things in the week...


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Yeah definitely eat all your syns if you're just starting SW - after a few weeks if you are finding it harder to lose the weight then one method is to cut back from 15 syns to 10 syns per day, many consultants advise this.

I sometimes do 'felxi-synning' so I may have 10 syns a day from Monday to Friday and then use the surplus syns at the weekend if I'm going out for drinks or dinner. Some consultants advocate this method some don't, I just do what works for me.


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I agree! Use them, you'll find you lose faster having them, and then if you reach a plateau you have something to play with.


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Yes you should have at least 5 per day but the bigger you are the more you need.


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Well done on cutting out the 'chocolate and crap', but syns can be very useful for little things you add to your normal meals ... like stock cubes if you make soup, or a bit of butter on your toast etc. They're there to be used and to make your eating more enjoyable. :)


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I didn't eat hardly any syns on my first week, and I got very close to falling off the wagon, so eat them, they're like a safety net to keep you on track!

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