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do i have to have 4 packs a day?

Hi guys, i am 5ft 10 and should be having 4 packs a day when i get up and running, but iw ould rather do the 3 packs as that is what i did on lighterlife, and when i hit ketosis i really struggled to have 3! sounds silly i know, but do i have a choice!
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Nope. You have to have four to get all your nutrients. If LL was three it is because they split the RDA nutrients across 3 instead of 4. Don't try to cut corners, it will do you no good, only harm your health. CD is low enough as it is!
You should be having 4 a day, as thats the only way to get your 100% nutrition.

At 3 packs a day, you are only getting around 75% of your RDA of vitamins, minerals etc. and while that is quite probably still better than your diet before CD, you should still try and get your 100% - after all, that's why they call it RDA.

PS sorry if that sounded pushy, it wasn't meant to be, just giving you the facts :)

EDIT: Darn, Frances beat me to it by mere seconds! lol and LL is 4 a day too, not 3.
I only had 3 a day with LL hmmmm lol was i doing it wrong all those months and no1 picked me up on it! tut tut! thanks guys looks like its 4 a day
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yes as the others have said have all 4. If you want to share one of the packs out and add to another that's ok ... but make sure you have all of them. You can end up adversely affecting your weight loss if you have less too!
At 3 a day, did you not have lots left over (well, 7!) when you went to get your next week's supply?
Or did you just get more when you ran out, as and when?

I know my LLC really drilled it into me that you have 4 a day!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Oh, I didn't know that!
I figured it had always been 4, though I suppose that 3 makes some sense, 3 main meals in a day.
It was the same amount - but divided between 3packs - now it is divided between 4!

CD is a 40g pack x 3 for most people. Think LL is 30g x 4 = same amount!
Well there you go, you DO learn something new every day!
hehehe :)

For me, I think I'd rather have the 4, but that's probably just because, in your mind, you feel like you are getting more :p
yes but surely the ppl who are under 5ft 8 are getting the right amount of nutrients, i dont understand how two inches in height adds to the packs you have lol sorry really not getting it, im sooo confuddled
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
On CD men and ladies over 5' 8" are meant to have 4packs a day. Some dietician somewhere has worked out that is the RDA for men and taller ladies! IF you were to have 3packs a day you may be getting less than you need and you may end up not losing as much as weight as you would have done on 4 a day. Lots of ifs and buts there I know - speak to your CDC and see what she has to say, but my advice would be to stick to 4 - or maybe do SS+ and 3plus a meal???

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