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Red Days Do I have to have meat with every meal on a red day?

At our group meeting we were talking about the different plans and our consultant said that you can't just have cereal for breakfast as it's only a healthy extra, you would have to have bacon or eggs as well. Likewise on a green day you would have to go for something like eggs and beans with your cereal or toast.

I wasn't aware of this and I normally have just 28g bite sized shredded wheat with a sliced banana and milk for breakfast. My consultant said that this wasn't enough.

I can't see in the book where it says what you have to eat at each meal. My consultant did say not to worry about it as it was working for me.
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Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I've never heard that before however I do believe you need to show your body what day you're on for it to work properly (i.e. not just have meat & 2 veg at the end of the day!) but there's certainly no rule you have to have anything at any given time!
I've never heard this before
In the magazine they just have cereal and fruit some days for breakfasts on the 7 day plan.
MM never heard that before. I will often have fuit for breakfast on either day and have found quorn works well on red days with very little meat at all. if the way you have been doing sw suits you then carry on doing it!!
Think your consultants talking crap! you dont HAVE to do anything, its recommended because its more food but do what ever you want aslong as its on plan! shes confusing you, so dw about it! x

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