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Do I have to have my syns?

yup good plan, the whole point of SW is that it's a balanced diet. Without syns you are almost certainly losing that balance. If your body does not know what is 'bad' then it's less receptive to the good, so it messes things up a bit!


Strutting her stuff
You should definitely try to have a minimum of 5 syns a day but if it is a one off then I wouldn't worry too much. They are there to ensure you don't feel deprived. It's that old adage of 'a little of something you fancy does you good'. If you don't have those things you enjoy - whether that be chocolate, alcohol, cheese, bread, sauces, eating out or whatever - then the likelihood is that you'll eventually get fed up and fall off the wagon big time. Also some people find that as they near their target they have to cut back a bit on their syns and if you're not having any or very few then you have nowhere to go. So I would aim for 15 and if you continue to lose weight at an acceptable rate then why not enjoy them.
Apparently it will slow down the weight loss because your body will start thinking " aw crap wheres the fat" and reserve it. So then one day when you decide to use your syns your body will grab it all. Its like with any low fat diet, you will lose weight intially but thats why people gain it again so quickly

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