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Do i just need to "man up"?!


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Ive got 8 months till my big day and my goal is to lose 6 stone.I am rubbish at eating reguar meals 3 times a day so ive always failed at the likes of slimming world etc, so im using slim fast and having a low fat low calorie meal in the evening...( or a lunch then a slim fast at night )

First week...i feel dreadful! I will admit ive cut out a LOT of crap, but i didnt think i would feel this awful for it, im getting headaches, stomach ache, and leg ache! and all ive done today is cry! Im so tired and totally fed up :(

Also this week ive ditched my car and been walking loads more, feeling like this i am really really struggling with distances i used to laugh in the face of a few years back..which is upsetting me even more! Bad times guys! Do i just need to get a grip?
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Stick with it and you will find it gets easier. Whenever you give up something such as carbs or sugar you body craves it (in the same way it would crave tobacco if you quit smoking). After a little while though you will find you will feel much better for eating healthier and losing weight. As for the exercise if you keep doing it you will find yourself getting fitter and those distances will get easier again. Good luck for the wedding x

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You've got 8 months, there's absolutely no need for a "fast" diet like slimfast. Why don't you try Weight Watchers or Slimming World or something where you don't have to eat 3 meals - just eat within the rules.

It's hard at the beginning, but just stick with it love x


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Poor you - I've never used slim fast but it could just be your body getting used to the new regime. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins - I'm doing a total meal replacement plan and they cater for 100% of daily vitamin needs - I don't think slimfast does. If you still feel low getting near the end of week 2 I'd ask your doctor for advice, but probably another diet would be better for you - or maybe supplements. Do not keep going if you are still like this 2 weeks into your diet - it is not normal. As for the sore legs - may just be from all the walking if you are not used to it.


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I used Slim Fast and lost 2 stone in 6 months - I was also going to the gym 3 times a week which slowed it down due to muscle build up.

After the first week you will be fine - it's just getting through the initial hunger stage thats hard. You can have a SF snack each day as well remember. Good luck


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Thanks Guys,

There were a few reasons behind slim fast..Me and OH are doing this together and he is TERRIBLE at eating anything good for him..astoundingly fussy..ive tried doing slimming world before with him and it was a total nightmare..ended up cooking two seperate meals...so really its not so much the dramatic effect im looking for in slim fast but more the simplicity and dicipline. Ive lost 6 stone before when i was single and didnt find that hard but with him its a nightmare!
Eating for us is such a social thing a total meal replacement is a no no, just wouldnt last, but I do agree i dont think that slim fast has everything we need in it.Im taking a multi vit now and a vit b complex..
I think your right lass, ill give it another week then sit down and have a rethink with him...:)

awwh that doesnt sound good! i would be going mental on the Slim Fast diet!lol u shud think about weightwatchers or slimming world, as you can eat alot more and loose weight. i didnt think it would work for me or i could stick to it but it is working, maybe because of my wedding coming up i jus had 2 make changes as i need to get the weight off! Good luck to you i hope you find a way that you will enjoy a bit more :) xx

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