do I need the books?

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  1. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    do I need the books to follow this diet?

    also im 5ft 3 and just under 10 stone and reasonably active. how much can I lose in 3 weeks before my holiday?

    how many points would I be on?
    Thank you x

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  3. SlimmingKitchen

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    Hi Lisa

    I'm quite new to WW myself. I started the new plan called Simple Start for the first week and then moved onto Filling & Healthy where you have a list of free foods to eat without counting plus 49 ProPoints for you to enjoy on treats etc.

    They still do the daily counting ProPoints as well if that's what you'd prefer to do but you'd need to work out what you can have for your height and weight etc.

    I started at 9st 12lb and I'm 5ft 2 and mine are 26 a day plus 49 for the week.

    At the moment they are offering the first month for only £10 so its worth joining to get the books and the plans explained etc.
    Alternatively the Weight Watchers website explains it all in really good detail along with lists you can download too.

    Good luck xxx

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  4. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

  5. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    Thank you x

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