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Do I re-feed, maintain or continue TFR?

I have a team building event coming up on the 22nd and 23rd July and was considering doing a re-feed the week beforehand or maintenance. This is because I really feel I will miss out. I have not had any food since January, and although I have been out with friends and family when they are eating/having meals out, I feel this will be too hard.

I am in two minds as I have been on TFR for a while and was really looking forward to being finnished by 21st August.

What do you advise? im not sure if I should re-feed the week before, maintain, or just eat, but i am scared about doing this.

I was going to be re-feeding in August.

I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you
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Firstly chick, refeeding is introducing your body to food again slowly and maintainence comes after and does what it says on the tin - helping you to maintain your losses after TFR and refeed.

Is the reason you feel you will be missing out because there will be alcohol there or is it just the food?

Personally, if you were planning on refeeding in August i wouldnt break it for the sake of a weekend and being soooo close to goal!!!
I think if you stick to it you will be at goal, if not very very close to it come 21st August. Refeeding and having a weekend off could quite possibly set you back.

Realistically would you honestly get back onto TFR after a weekend off considering how close to goal you are?

One thing i will say is don't drink alcohol whilst on a TFR. If you are planning on drinking on the team building weekend then you will defo need to refeed for atleast a week.
ok, so now the question is to refeed or stay on tfr.

Im not bothered by alcohol and was just thinking of having water and fruit juice. It just that I think we will go to special restaurants, and i dont want clients and suppliers to see me not eating.

I was even considering not going but dont want to miss out on the team building, sailing and jetskis.

Also in the last 6 months i have also missed 3 weekends of really healthy food that my vegetarian friend cooks and this would be a day after the teambuilding.

So at the moment im am still in two minds....

I am worried that i wont go back on TFR afterwards as I found starting the hardest part, but at the same time i am worried about the re-feed, and doing it twice.


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Hey hun,
Sorry for my pants advice but it's up to you! If you really don't think you will be able to make it through the weekend without being tempted/eating then you really should refeed. It's better to be safe than sorry and if you jump straight back into eating normally it could make you ill and gain weight excessively. But as Tanya say's is it worth it? You have done so well so far and it seems silly to stop a few weeks before.
But as I said it's upto you- only you know you will power and motivation!
Good luck with whatever you choose. We will be here to support you!
T x

irish molly

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Hope you have managed to make a decision on this. As you are so close to goal you will find it very hard to restart after a refeed at this late stage. You could always do a refeed and have your break and then tackle the last few pounds through healthy eating. After all, you have to rejoin the real world of food at some point. You will not be able to return to old eating habits or you will return to the old body you had!!!
Good luckxx

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