Do I restart on SS, AAM or 790?


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After the nice christmas/ new year/ birthday break and gaining 1.75lbs, I have now restarted CD. My confusion now is over whether at a BMI of 25.7 I can resume SS or not. Is it advisable to change plans or start with SS and work my way up.

With a BMI of 25.7 you should no longer be doing a VLCD and that includes 790.

You need to start on the 1000 cal programme and work yourself up the plans now.

Congratulations you are now in stabilisation.

Yay! stabilisation!
Please what exactly is the concept of stabilisation?
Your counsellor should be able to fully explain this to you, give them a call.

Basically you gradually introduce the right foods in the right quantities at the right time so your body learns to deal with the extra calories and carbs.

Take a look at your yellow Weight Care with Cambridge book.
the yellow book has nice pictures of tempting good food so i hid it at some point. i'll go look for it.
LOL - Thats funny about you hiding your book. :) Well done on reaching stabilisation. :)