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Do I start SW AGAIN! Whats best red and green or extra easy etc? Help please?

S: 14st6.0lb C: 14st6.0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 39.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

I like many people want to lose weight and over the years (since I was 19..I am now 33) I have lost weight and gained it and I am really tired of it and just want to get it done I don't want to be "fat" forever. I have been doing a VLCD (Cambridge and Slim and save) I have spent so much money and have gone up and down like a yoyo!
I have just had my gallbladder out a month ago and I want to get healthy for myself and my family and especially my 11 year old daughter because she has always known me on a diet.
If anyone has been on a VLCD you will know it is not for the faint hearted! The first week is hell, yes there is a massive weight loss the first week and then from there on in if you stick to it you can lose weight and lose it quickly but the issue is that as soon as you stop and go back to eating the weight piles back on. I have spent so much money on these diets over the last 2 years and I think its time to say enough is enough, the other issue is I worry about my metabolism I have read that once you do finish the diet you will have to be on a very low cal diet to be able to keep the weight off.
So here I am now I am thinking of going back to slimming world I lost weight on it before (the thing that holds me back if I am honest is I know I will be losing smaller amounts of weight weekly/monthly but at the end of the day I am still sitting here at my starting weight after 2 years!) When I did slimming world it was red and green days, I have PCOS so do better with low carb (I have done low carb diets too!) I know now there is extra easy plans where you can combine the days I was wondering do you seem to lose as much on that as the red/green days?
I am thinking of doing the plan without going to a club because I am disabled and don't drive and walking a mile and half each way isn't something that I will be able to do.

Thank you for reading all of this! :) I am open for suggestions and tips

Kelly x
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Kelly I was going to suggest going to class just once if only to get the books and an update on how it all works.

does it matter you only loose a few lbs a week in the long term you may get to your goal eventually.

There are a number of helpful thread on here which explain the plan, I think there is also a section dedicated to people with PCOS.
Hi Kelly,

I would suggest checking out Molly's photos and description of how she lost over 9 stone in 8 months on SW http://www.minimins.com/slimming-wo...y-2014-8-months-9-stone-4lbs.html#post7327904

As you will see she mainly follows the Red plan as she likes to keep her carbs restricted too. I'm not sure how much you lose on VLCD but I think Molly's done exceptionally well while still eating sensibly.

I also agree with HH that if you're able to go for a 'one-off' visit to a club to join and get all the books you want in one visit (including those not given freely) and have a good chat the consultant, this will help you off to a good start. Keep an eye out for free joining offers, especially around this time of the year.

Good luck with everything :D
S: 14st6.0lb C: 14st6.0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 39.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you both so much and WOW Molly has done AMAZING and its so inspirational. I think that I am going to do just that pop in and get all stocked up on books etc even if its a 1 off visit.

Do most people do the EE plan now?
I agree with the advice here! I had tried ever diet under the sun and I just ended up heavier than ever! That all changed when I joined SW I just do the extra easy plan and so far this year I've lost just over six stone. It is so easy to follow but I too would suggest going for first class and getting books and plan explained to you. It took me a couple of weeks to really get into it. Best of luck XX


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I lost all my weight doing the plan online. I got all the books that way too and although I later joined group I left again as it didn't suit me. I'm now back online as going it alone didn't work for me either. I need the accountability of paying but don't like the group dynamic as it felt quite forced. Could you sign up for that? I love having it all on my iPhone. It can be expensive initially as you sign up for 3 months and then it's monthly after that but there are online discount codes around if you Google it. For instance I got £35 off the silver package last week. I can't tell you where but Google is a wonderful thing. Extra easy and red and green all seem
to work equally well. I'm veggie and so only do green but I haven't always been and I did EE when I first started. The losses have been about the same. :)


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Definitely pay for your first session to get the books, who knows you might want to carry on going! If you have been a bit of a yo yo dieter go for the extra easy plan, it is less restricted so you will more likely stick to it and enjoy it, also you can limit your carbs to what you think is best! If you tell the consultant about your PCOS etc he/she will give you the right advice!


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Hi :D Thanks for popping over to my page (and for the reputation comment!) - and thanks Jeanne for the endorsement - I still have trouble getting my head around the 'inspiration' tag though <blushes and retires under my bushel to gorge on braised red cabbage - my current obsession>

I do go to group but initially hated the 'AA' type qualities, so hardly ever stayed - I just used to weigh and run lol. These days I quite enjoy it, so stay most weeks - it seems that it's not only my food tastes which have changed ;) I'd definitely recommend giving group a try though - for the books if nothing else. I always hated the idea of slimming groups ... (in my own words) 'paying to have someone tell me I'm fat when I can look in the mirror and see that for nothing? No thanks', so I always dieted before almost in secret (just as I did much of my eating :( ), which obviously just reinforced my issues with food. Forcing myself out of my 'secret' comfort zone by going to group also ultimately forced me out my comfort eating if that makes sense? It might not be that way for you, but it makes sense to try different things to find out what works mentally as LicktheLid says :)

I did find Minis to be the BEST support though - just talking to others who really understand that being overweight isn't as psychologically simple as 'eating too many pies and not moving enough' is hugely motivating and I've had some great laughs and made some fab online friends along the way :D

I averaged losses of about 3 1/2lb a week - not as satisfying as an 8lb loss on a vlcd, but I wasn't hungry as I did it and they soon added up. Plus of course, the time taken meant that the SW way of eating has become my new 'normal', which ultimately means that I can face eating this way forever - hopefully making the weight loss sustainable. At the end of the day any weight loss programme will work but it's never going to stay off if we revert to our previous eating habits - SW for me is only a 'diet' in the true sense of the word (ie it's simply what I eat) and I'm comfortable with that rather than resentful, which I would have expected to be at the very start of my journey.

Good Luck Hon xxx


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S: 18st5lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 3st5lb(18.29%)
Molly is our oracle. She knows.


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S: 21st2lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 11st5lb(53.72%)
Molly is our oracle. She knows.
Rofl Sam! :rotflmao: It's a good job my kids keep me grounded by telling me regularly what a loser I am or my head would weigh twice what my body used to ;)

Seriously though - I only know what works for me and I'm still working some of that out :)

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