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Do men really..

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Take you for granted? i moved up here to be with him and i feel so unwanted, so unimportant, he kisses his dog, plays with him goes on about him etc.. and me? well he says he kisses me in the morning before work.. but what about other times in the day? NO! i dont get nothing i have to force it out of him basiclly.. then he tuts!

tryed talking to him about my probs at home etc, his answer? "go back home till we due to fly, save more money etc"? WTF

tryed to talk to him about my feeling being up here etc "Oh babe your doing my head in, on and on and on and on.." me "WELL GIVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER THEN" !! "i want you here babe, i love you etc etc" .. then all silent!

i am confused, and so upset, he dont even notice... he bathing (well buckett at the bottom of his pod) baby now, then will have a shower then he will crack a beer open and play his xbox..


go upstairs watch the soaps then come down.. then he goes bed half and half about 9.30 ready for 4am start at work!!


anyway back to the question.... do men really take us ladies for granted? or am i getting the feeling he not being straight with me? :confused:

omg he is upstairs playing with the baby now, his dog sat behind me (stair gate locked) crying.. ffs!! such a spoilt git i could cook him!! pmsl
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Right girl
I can see some of that myself , as my OH goes to bed at 10pm and up at 5am , and its not the xbox he plays its the pc and i watch my soaps which will be on soon . But yes they think we moan , its best to act like he does get him thinking , yes kiss the dog but not him , and try keep smiling like its all so wonderful , but some blokes have no conversation , but we do , i am finding while on the diet that it was me reaching for food for company , but now thats taken away you are feeling it more so ? Now best thing leave him to it see how he acts lol


Busy busy busy!!
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What hobbies/interests do you have together??

MY OH is not emotionally very romantic - but we do spend a lot of time together and do things together. We can also have "free" time when I'm on here and he's on microlight sights.

Ask him to join in some of the things you want to do .... if he won't then maybe you need to find out if he really is as "in" to you as you want him to be.


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i know how u feel babe, my dp is doing my head in lately! i even started thinking "cant wait to be thin so i can find someone else!" i dont mean it i do love him, but he has such an attitude. He spends all his time on the computer, and doesnt help me out AT ALL. And when we have an arguement he says
"if he had somewhere else to go i wouldnt be here" =[ =[


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Hmmm. Some of you girls are just not getting the fact that....men are not women! Most are not great at emotional support. That's why we have family and friends. It's quite a new phenomenon to assume that men can give us all we desire in a person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's an awful lot to expect.


Strong women stay slim
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Have to say men and woman don't think alike ....
Kimmie , when you have a baby so young its hard i know and they need to help out even just to take the baby from you so you can have ME time . But he needs to help you , if he went it might make you both bond more together just having time out from eachother .
Really if he goes on the computer all the time then i guess in time you will find someone who wants to be part of a family life , ok some computer time we all need todo our own thing within reason , so i hear you girl , you are worth more !
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
wow thanks guys

what can i do now to get his attention?

shall i, be distanish, like play with my dog and the baby alot.. dont go to kiss or cuddle him anymore, dont bother making him a cuppa when he gets in from work but still do his lunch for him cus he is in and out..

what shall i do?


oh and new game is out tommorrow (tuesday) so he will be on that everynight drinking playing with OUR xbox mates... i cant afford to buy it, even though my xbox is home in wales.. just brought my hard drive..

so i be left out even more :(

even if i walked in frount of the tv naked he wouldnt batter an eye lid..


advice please what can i do to grab him?


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I felt sad for you when i read your post and then i saw your ticker.........getting married? Are you mad? Come on. Give yourself better, look after your self. You deserve it x


Strong women stay slim
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Hi amethyst
I think you have to start looking for things todo , and just leave him to it , don't moan at him just be happy and if he does not think what hes doing he will end up losing you , it can only be him that can turn his ways around the more you go on at him you will be called moany , but i think after some time if hes got any sence he will buck up , cos this is not family life . Marriage , at the moment , do you think that is wise ?
My boyfriend sometimes takes me for granted but i try to shake it off. Its hard not knowing what to do sometimes, the more you try to help out the more it gets pushed back in your face. Maybe try ingnoring him for a couple of days, he'll soon come running.
Keep on smiling to that always helps. You have lost alot of weight you must have the will power to stay strong. x
I bet your OH doesn't even know you are going through this emotional turmoil. I have to hide under the duvet cover for several hours before he even thinks to ask if there is something wrong!

Grrrrr!!!!! Maybe you should eat him .... or would that kick you out of ketosis ;)?
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
thanks for all your great advice guys.... got me thinking.. :)

omg omg.... i wouldnt wanna risk coming out of ketosis to eat skin and bone.. theres no meat on him lol


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same with my dp lool he weighs just under 11st!! skinny bugger lol


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If you have a problem with your man...I have to recommed the most fantastic book I have ever read.

Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl - A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship by Sherry Argov.

After reading this book and doing a few of the things it suggested, my b/f of 6 years changed from a sulky, selfish, unaffectionate git to an easier going, more considerate and generally more loving person. He isn't perfect...but he is 100 times better and he has kept it up for over 18 months.
However I did find the biggest changes were in me, I became less needy, more relaxed and alot more fun to be around.

Honestly read it...it's fabulous...and calorie free :D
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
hey i not good at reading books i find it hard to understand.... (lack of school i think) can you just give me some tips please?

i think probably, i need to stop nagging?


Proper Little Madam
I can't explain it in a matter of a few sentences, you would need to read the book to really absorb the info...if you go to amazon, you can read the first chapter for free...you will be able to gauge if it's your kind of book.
It isn't a hard read full of pyschobabbe and is amusing in many places.

I have found the book online to read....just put the address in your address bar


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