..do tetras contain milk powder

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  1. mils

    mils Full Member

    Sorry to start a new thread for this, I mentioned in a previous thread that I have got blotches on my face since starting CD again. It was mentioned that i may be allergic to milk powder in the shakes and soups. Would it be ok to have the Tetras, or do they also include milk powder??

    Feeling really sorry for myself sitting in on a Saturday night with a big blotchy face!!!!
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  3. Katycakes

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    Poor Mils... I think the tetras are milk based too, but there are some soya based shakes & soups suitable for lactose (milk) intolerant people. Ask your CDC to order some of these for you and see if switching helps at all. Chin up, honey!!!
  4. Lilac

    Lilac Full Member

    There's only chocolate, vanilla, chocolate orange, cappucino and leek & potato packs available in lactose free if I remember correctly. All the bars & tetras contain milk. You may find that you can tolerate one or two packs a day with milk powder in (if it is the milk powder you're reacting to) Definitely worth giving the lactose free options a try for a while (not as yummy as the milk ones in my opinion!) and then if it does clear up the blotches you can always try gradually reintroducing the milk based ones.
  5. Lizzylocket

    Lizzylocket Winning a losing battle!

    Hi Mils

    I've recently developed a nasty rash on my legs which hasn't shifted despite several creams from my gp.

    I did ask my CDC if it could be CD related but she thought it was unlikely.

    I'm off to see a dermatologist about it on Thursday so I'll keep you posted!

    You have my sympathy, I'm a big blotchy mess too!!
  6. aussieraquel

    aussieraquel loving minimins!

    Good luck with the dermotologist, hope they can tell you what it may be!
  7. biltsy

    biltsy Peggy McParrot

    yes same here. all protein in cd is milk based, and that can cause it....
    mines got better over time and i'm just putting up with it....

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