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Do the bars give you botty burps?


This is the last time!!
I didn't know how else to phrase it really, sorry!
I got some bars this week to try, as I didn't like the Tetra and am out and about this week a fair bit.
So, at 'lunchtime' I settled down with my chocolate one, all cut into thin slivers to enjoy it. I wouldn't say it was amazing but it was ok!

Anyways, this evening I have had the most terrible windy issues, luckily my little boy is in bed and hubby is away, but the poor dog won't come near me lol!

Also, whilst on the topic of bars, they seem to have a fair bit of fat in them! Will they slow down weight loss?
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Can't answer the slowing of weight loss as I've had them since Day 4. My CDC said it won't make any difference though. I can confirm that the bars make me a little flatulent (how polite is that)?


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I haven't tried bars yet but can i ask how many calories in the bars you have? I was a bit worried about them cos i read a few posts about slowing down weight loss but guess it's trial and error.x
Did you not read about the hurricane in yorkshire, it happens whenever bars are on the menu ;)


Step away from the chips!
pmsl Cheryl :D

Yes the bars also make me extremely antisocial lol. And soooooooo bloated i feel like an over inflated balloon about to pop. And then i usually do lmao.

So i avoid them now unless absolutely necessary :eek:
I seem to be ok on the bars - but i do keep them to only 3 a week....maybe that helps....! I dont think i could hack CD otherwise....and sometimes a good blow out is what we need LOL :)


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I was going to get a couple of the bars the next time I get my packs (going to Longleat in a couple of weeks) but think i'll be getting the Tetras instead, don't want to botty burping on the coach:giggle:


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They don't give me any bloating or wind... if anything since i've been on this diet i've had the least wind ever! about slowing down i don't know since i've had them since my 2nd week , some people say yes and some say no they only have 40 more calories than the soups so i doubt it is a massive diference but the only way to be sure is have them 1 week and don't have them the next and compare! i think i might do that too now that i think about it :)


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DON'T DRINK LOTS OF COFFEE WITH THEM!! sorry. i'm a little emphatic on that point. i have had a few incidents, ha. um yes is the answer? :D

abz xx
I think they have a higher carb content and can knock some people out of ketosis.

I'm nearly finished week 5 and haven't had a bar.
Am I missing out, or are they not that wonderful?


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i did hear that they knock some people out of ketosis, i love the bars though and they don't have that effect on me. I think if you are coping well with the diet then there is no need to try them but for the future they are a really nice "treat" to me and i love that i can chew and it does feel just like a chocolate bar to me now that i have been off food for 7 weeks :)
Can't decide whether or not to have them! Since I've forgotten what chocolate bars are like, maybe it's best if I never have one again? :)
My sister can eat whatever fatty/calorie-laden food in front of me she likes, cause I've forgotten what it all tastes like! :eek:


This is the last time!!
They are nice to have as a change, and it was actually really quite nice to be 'chewing' and swallowing something, does that sound odd?
I've had a chocolate one and a toffee one so far, but don't want to have too many incase it slows my loss down. After suffering with unbearable constipation last week, I am thrilled that these have 'got things moving' again in that department ;)


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Oh yes to the wind!! It is just wind though, not smelly lol!! xx


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The peanut one made me really bloated and uncomfortable but the others dont have any effect on me at all.
I had my first bar last night and then had terrible wind(I thought it was the physillus husks i had taken for my lack of movement!) Now i know why!!! I thought it was yummy! and have got 1 for the next six days as my evening meal. I didn't realise they could slow down weight loss or knock me out of ketosis now I'm worried :S


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it only does that to people with low tolerance i don't think it is the norm or they wouldn't allow them. still if you are worried you can test with a stick to see if you are still on kitosis :)

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