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Do the cravings lessen?

Hi all, I've just had my first weigh in with lipotrim and I'm delighted I lost ten pounds. My energy has improved compared to first four days (Hell) but I'm still getting cravings. I heard these would lessen but even after getting a good result, I still want to eat the house out. I am on the third day of my 'Time of the month', would this be the reason? Im even surprised I stuck to the plan because my period usually causes me to eat the fridge out, but through sheer willpower I've managed to get through. Just the cravings are tormenting, Im drinking loadsa water and they still surface. Can anyone tell me will the cravings lessen a bit or will I just have to grin and bear it throughout the plan? I'd be delighted for any thoughts on this because I'm looking at my finger typing and nearly fit to eat that, haha, slight exagerration but you know what I mean.
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Hi there, once I got into the habit of Lipotrim and the habit of nothing but water and the shakes etc. I just stopped thinking about food, and I'm sure you will be the same, the thoughts just disappear after a bit, and the hunger pangs certainly decrease, even during week 8/9 they would appear occasionally, just stick it out!:)


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They do go, honestly, usually by day 10ish for me, I know what you mean though I have restarted and I am on day 5 as I am getting married in 17 weeks so I thought I had better make a start and today is killing me I have just sat in a pub with friends all eating and drinking around me. I have now come up stairs as I am feeling in such a bad mood, the other half has got himself a nice bottle of wine for tonight arrgg (still it is the food I am craving).
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Sorry, only replying now, just logged in again and found the thread. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I feel much better today, Day 1 of my second week, would eat but think thats just habit, rather than hunger. Feel I can stick to it now all of a sudden but I know I will have good moments and bad. This plan really is a lifesaver for me after years of tormenting myself.

Good luck to both you ladies on the plan and your journey towards success and to the lady getting married, thats a brilliant incentive, think of you in your white dress looking FAB. Wishing both of you all the best and thanks for the encouragement. This site is brill, keeps me going and I know I'm not alone doing this. Cheers

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