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do u have a little treat on weigh day??


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loads of people do!! i dont usually, but i got my 1.5st sticker today so i treated myself to a piece of my little brothers leftover bday cake :D it tasted soooo good! xx


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A kitkat?! I go to the Chinese and me and the OH have a portion of boiled rice each, and we share a portion of mushrooms and a portion of chicken foo yung, and we request them to be cooked in no oil.

We go syn free all day, the syns count is WELL below 10 for the day.


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Depends, last week I went for a run. Sounds strange but its what I did.

This week, nope nothing so far, but I did buy the curry cookbook.

Next Weds I have planned to keep by my milk allowance for a Horlicks. Oh the high life I lead lol :D
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I planned to have a post WI cake today at a cafe (still counting syn values - I checked before I left!) but ended up missing lunch so had to get a sandwich instead and spend the syns on that :( . But I do aim to have a treat every WI day, but within my syns. You can actually get quite a lot for 15 syns...and I could save 5 from the day before too...

Having a treat that I haven't counted the syns for is too much like my old way of dieting - which ended up with one treat turning into a full days binge. I don't want that this time around.


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Oh yes, I have a treat as well on a WI day. :D

I try to keep within the syn value for the day but have a few more Matchmaker mint chocolate sticks then normal.


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Yes, I eat sandwiches or bread. I love bread but I cant eat it ... so that is my one treat each week. :D


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A 2 finger kitkat is 5.5 so 11 syns for a 4 finger one.

I never have extra syns for the day and always stay within my usual range. I think it would just lead to me blowing it and not being able to stop! lol
I did today i had some chips and an apple pie :) i think treating yourself once a week is a good idea. My nan treated herself to fish and chips every week when she lost weight and still had a loss every week.
You'll be fine with the 4 finger kit kat hun. I used to have a major treat every weigh day but then trimmed it back after working out that would mean I was already starting the week on a back foot trying to make up for all the syns I ate at the very beginning. What I prefer to do now is have something I wouldn't normally have but account for it in my syns like 1 slice of white toast perhaps..I know I could have this any day I like really and just syn it but at 4 syns a slice I like it but not that much to do regular. I still see it as a treat but I am still in control of my syns and even with my dinner being 4 low fat sausages, some cheesy beans and a slice of white toast last night I still came in at 14 syns for the day :)
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I don't go out of my way to have a treat but I've usually been so good on weigh in day I can have something nice when I come out. I had a two finger Kit Kat last night and enjoyed every bite!

I do think it's best not to get in the habit of having a treat just because it's weigh day. If you've been good and you have the syns then treat yourself, if not stick to the plan and you'll reap the benefits!


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I used to treat my self on weigh day bit I used to go silly and have a kfc or something equally stupid but I found it so hard the next to get back on track and as someone else said it starts you off wrong for the week and I then feel I'm always playing catch up with syns (even tho I didn't even syn the "treat")! Anyway it was a kit kat so it's nothing really don't worry about it Hun at the end of the day if it helps you to have a treat and it doesn't affect your loss go for it! Xx


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i weighed in yesterday and then went to strada for dinner. I still want my weekly treat and I knew how many syns I was going to go over so I was in control. everyone is different and if it works for you then its fine. good luck and well done so far it was my first weigh in yesterday but i have done SW before.......

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