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Do u remember me?

Well I did CD for about 6 weeks lost 2.5 stone then got really ill with gall stones and had to go to hospital!

Well I am now only 15 weeks away from my wedding and HAVE to lose about 2 stone min for the dress to fit cos I bought it wen I was very thin after being in hospital!! Also I just hate myself lately!!

I have tried to restart after xmas but gav up after not really trying!!

I am going to re start on tues with some left over stuff to see if I can act do it rather than waste money!!!

I really really need to succeed I hate myself and all my clothes are getting tight again and I refuse to go into my fat clothes also sold most of them!!

So not really sure why Im posting just for support and any tips for a restarter??

Thanks guys

Anna xxx
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Restarting is hard.. but dont let that put you off.. if you focus on the end result.. just keep it in mind when things get tough.. and think about your wedding.. hehe.. and how gawjus you will look in that dress..!

you did amazingly on cd before.. and i know you can do it again..

Cat x x x
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Hey Anna, yes I remember you hun!

Are you all recovered now? How exciting your wedding is so near!!

Welcome back and good luck with the restart.

Yh I am so so so much better after having them removed!!
However I am in a sprialling black hole about my weight!! I hate it and then I eat more!!!

I was going to give cal counting a real shot for april but just decided to jus go for CD wot do I have to lose???

Georgie you look absolutly stunning!!!


is gonna do it!!
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Hi Bo lady,
You have def made the right decision on getting back to the diet. You see the results so much quicker on this diet!
What more of an incentive can you have other then getting married and looking gorgeous in your dress!
Good luck on your re-start, I am also a re-starter and will begin tomorrow!


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Nice to *meet* you! Welcome back to Mini's and good luck with your restart, you CAN do it! xx
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Hey hun, you know I believe you can do this!! Hope you enjoy your meal (and make sure you DO take that potato off the top if you want to cut down your carbs). We are all here for support hun so if you ever need us you know that all you need to do is shout! Msn me at any time- I am addicted to minis and am pretty much always online when not at work so just holler! xxx


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Gorgeous dress! You have such a great goal, I am sure you will do it! xx


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your dress is gorgeous and I love the bridesmaids dresses!! so pretty :)

good luck with your restart!


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What a fantastic incentive - to get into that beautiful dress! You CAN do it! Keep your eyes focused on your wedding day, you in your lovely dress at the weight you want to be. Don't take your eyes off that for one second. And you WILL get there!

We believe in you - now you have to believe in yourself! You CAN do it! We are all here to support you!


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Hi, I remember you having to stop CD. Welcome back!!

Your dress looks fab -- it really suits you.

I wish I'd known about CD when I got married (nearly 10 years ago) I worked SO hard to lose weight on a cal controlled diet, I went to the gym and worked real hard. I did lose a some weight and toned but I just cringe when I look at my photos now.

Enjoy the power CD gives you to just blitz the weight knowing it will work in plenty of time for you to relax about the weight and enjoy the run up to the wedding.

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