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do u'r other halfs & kids eat the same meals?


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Definitely as SW meals are normal meals but adapted to be very low in fat etc. We have shepherds pie, roast dinners, jacket potatoes, eggs, bacon, beans and chips and the list goes on. The only problem is my teenage son won't eat everything I cook and sometimes he has something different. My younger son loves everything I cook.

SW is very family friendly and I also have no problem cooking for visiting family and friends.


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Other than the fact that OH doesn't like veggies, cheese or pasta (with exception of spaghetti) we tend to eat much the same. Funny thing is, when I make stir fry's (fry light), casseroles, curries, etc., he never complains about veggies and eats them. ;) Obviously he can't taste them the same then. If I fancy pasta or, my fav, aubergine lasagne, I just keep a couple of frozen homemade indvidual steak pies in the freezer for him and always have a supply of sweetcorn and garden peas in the freezer which I can just nuke for him whilst I have roasted veggies.

Not too much of a problem for me but I do sympathise with anyone with kids. As I recall one of my daughters would only eat Campbell's meatballs (YUK) or chicken when she was little (up until she was about 6). I soon discovered it was just laziness to chew the meat as she would eat every vegetable under the sun! Nowadays she eat's anything and everything and it's just the grandchildren who can be fussy.


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My OH eats pretty much the same meals as me - he loves the SW versions of lasagne and chips! He enjoys cooking so is always keen to try out something new from the SW mag or recipes I find on here, and he has been surprised at how nice most of the meals have been. He is starting his new healthy regime next week - he is not following SW, as much as I tried to encourage him, but as SW meals are low fat he will continue to eat them as normal instead of making something different.
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Last time I did this plan 1.5/2yrs ago I mostly cooked one evening family meal but there were certain things the kids wouldn't eat so I just kept some quick cook alternatives in the freezer for them and also made meals which they weren't keen on less often.

We all tend to eat different breakfasts/lunches anyway, so didn't really affect that side of things too much.

Mel x


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My hubby does a lot of the cooking and loves SW, so eats all of it. He also tells everyone who listens that SW is the best "diet" in the world, and he is right! He says he sometimes misses proper fried chips, but I have told him that nothing is stopping him having them, I just won't have them, but he hasn't bothered as yet.
My kids are all grown up, but when they come round they all love SW food, but I did "train" them to eat everything, as no ways was I ever prepared to make separate meals. They grew up eating whatever was on the menu or making themselves a sandwich, which they never did!
SW is just so healthy and normal eating that I can't see how it anyone would not just love it!


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My OH and DS won't eat curries, chillis or anything like cous cous so when I have these, I make something different for them.


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Yep, we all eat the same for evening meals and DH will use frylight for everything he cooks now (he does a mean full English!). DS (2.5yrs) is too young to know any different, but eats it anyway and DH is loving trying out all the new recipes. He loved the beef lasagne from the extra easy cookbook I tried this week!

I do make sure ds has full-fat cheese, yoghurt, milk etc as it's important he DOES have some fat in his diet.
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at the age of 2 it doent matter so much, i still had my wee girl on blue milk until i was told to put here on green, thought it was till 4!

my wee girl eats everything, my hubby is fussy, always has been, so still trying to change him, but loves a curry using mayflower powder!


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DH and I eat the same meals. We don't have any children yet but when we do they'll be eating the same meals too :D
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yeap my lot eat sw my dh and dd (8) like it better when i'm on sw cause i try new recipes my ds (18 months mainly eats same as us with odd expections cause hes picky he doesn't like bread)


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We all eat the same which makes this a really easy plan to follow, I think when you have to contemplate cooking several meals it all becomes too much work and more likely to fall off the wagon.
My son follows the Free to Go plan so he's fully on board with all the meals I cook....except mushrooms which he picks out lol


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we all eat the same and all my kids love it, when I say kids my lads are all in their teens and early twenties and 6 ft plus to boot and its not doing them any harm :D

The only night they can have something I wouldnt, like a big steak pie is on a Monday when I get weighed and I eat after WI :D
Yep sure do :D

Hubby has lost nearly 2 1/2 stone by following the plan. He's got it easy as its me cooking his meals & telling him what he can/can't eat - but so pleased its working for us both.

My children (3yrs & nearly 1yr) also eat the same. I am the same as Kel above, in that i make sure they have full fat milks & cheese's etc but the main meals & that are the same meal.
It's pretty 50/50 in our house. Because I'm a vegetarian and he's a meat eater, I cook different meals anyway.

He likes Quorn mince, so we have the same if I make chilli or spaghetti bolognese. He also likes SW curries if I don't put anything "weird" in them (sweet potato, butternut squash, etc) - I just stick to mushrooms, peppers, Quorn chicken, onions, etc.

Tonight I'm cooking roast potatoes and veg and he's having roast chicken and I'm having Quorn minted lamb steaks.

So yeah, 50/50, lol.


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Yep everyone eats the same....all except for a Wednesday night (WI) I eat later so they can all have something that i wouldn't cook, my OH has lost 2 stone.....without really thinking about it! Not fair Not fair Not fair :sigh:


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Yeap we all eat the same in this house too. My hubby has lost 2stone 9 and is now at his set target and I have lost just over 3 stone, with quite a bit more to go. Alice who is 8 eats the same meals as us, but I supplement her diet with more kiddy friendly type foods as well. Shes an extremely active little girl and is on the lower weight range.

Helen x
My Husband is 'anti' anything homemade! He likes nothing homegrown or homemade and unfortunately the kids have also taken this attitude on board UNLESS it is sweet/cakes/biscuits that the kids themselves make. Occasionally I can get him to try a minute tsp of something I have cooked myself SW friendly but to save arguments I don't offer this often.
Some days I do feel a real leper in the house!!!


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