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Do we all have a 'cant go no further' weight?

I have done ww and sw and can only ever get down to 9 stone. Im 5 foot one and so can be anything as low as seven and a half stone. ideally i would be 8-8.7 stone but can never get there. I wonder if my body just goes right nope Im not loosing anymore?? Im at the very high end of BMI and was over it a few weeks back.
What do people do when maintaining as surely if you continue to follow the plan you will loose weight? Or like i say does your body just say no more?:confused:
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Well the official advice is to increase your hexs at target to maintain a balance but that would very much depend on where you set your target to.

I havent tried to go any lower than where I am now - but I dont think it would be a good idea for me to either, I'm about a stone from the point where I would be "underweight". Which despite being a hilarious concept to me having never EVER been underweight, wouldnt be a healthy place to be either.

What you are describing is more like a plateau, which can actually hit at any time while losing weight, not just at target but more likely when you are on the last stone or so to go.

Have you tried mixing things up a bit with the plan? Lots of tips and tricks about on here to give your metabolism a bit of a kick start when its decided not to play ball - switching plans around, upping your water intake, having a "fish" week (can be very successful!) - which might just trick your body into losing again.


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S: 10st13lb C: 10st5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st8lb(5.23%)

I found the same thing, i`ve got down to 9st 6lbs and just seem to hover about this weight. The lowest i`ve been recently was 9st 4lbs and the highest is 9st 10lbs (which is my SW target weight). So although i`m technically at target and right for my height, i feel i`d like to be a bit lighter, but even being very strict with myself i just loose and gain the same 4lbs lol.

On the positive side i`ve maintained for 8 months, but yes i do think your body seems to pick a point it`s happy at and just stay there.
S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
Totally agree, got to target beginning of July and have just carried on with S W eating exactly as I was whilst losing but have only lost 2.5lbs since then. OK I am only half a pound off the bottom scale of target if you know what I mean, if I lose more that half a pound then I will have to start paying again. My body just seems now to think right thats your lot no more losing now. If I wasnt withing the target limit of 3lbs up and 3lbs down I would be proper depressed. Think its shut shop up time ha ha
S: 9st11lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st2lb(11.68%)
I sat around 9st for ages & knew it was possible for me to loose a few more lbs as I'd been 8st 4lbs for years. I kept going & eventually lost the few more lbs I'd been after & I managed to stay within target for 11mths until my hols when I put on 7lb:eek:. Back in target now though:D
I have been in tears today at work I am getting so frustrated I do Zumba Spinning and Jogging stick to the plan religiously I have been 9st 6 at my lowest and am currently at 9st10 once I get to 9st6 I do not move no matter what I do everyone at work says my body can't go any further but obviously been 5ft 2 I should be in the low 8's x

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