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Do you choose low fat options??

This is something I was curious about. When youre buying foods which are 'free' do you just pick anything or do you still check cals, fat content etc. Having done WW for a couple of years obviously Im quite aware of the fat content etc in things.

I find when Im buying things like bacon, tinned beans, spaghetti, sausages and the like I still go for the lower calorie, lower fat option. I still always buy WW beans and spaghetti, figuring theres no point in eating extra cals I dont need. I still buy quorn for my spag bol etc.

Does anyone else bother with things like that .... or is it just me ;)
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It depends. Yes, I buy the lower syn/ free foods, but I dont look at the contents, unless its going to effect the diet in any way.
I tend to stay away from guessing that lower fat foods are lower in syns, as this has quite often caught me out!


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Given a choice between two products I would usually go for the lower syn one but I've never been one for checking labels for calories and fat content. That said there are a small number of products where I do not go for the lowest syn or free choice. One being Asda meat free mince and chicken-style pieces. I prefer these to the quorn versions and so choose the syns over the free quorn.
I do. Obviously with synned food, I would look up the syns. But when it comes to one free food or another, I go for the lower calorie option. I do this with yohurts, beans, tinned spaghetti, all those. Theya re all free, but one tin, may ahve sgnificantly less calories than the next.



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Yes Starlight I do - there's something very satisfying and virtuous in buying all low fat food's.

I don't buy WW baked beans so much now though, I have found Branston Beans to be just as nice and only 3 cans for a £1 at Asda at the moment, I particularly like them because they are not all thin tomato sauce and not many beans as some cans are - the sauce in Branston beans is thick and the can is full of lovely plump baked beans.


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It varies with me. I have natural yogurt on my weetabix, but I don't like the fat free stuff. I like Yeo Valley Organic Probiotic Yogurt and so I eat what I like the taste of. The whole 500g pot is 7 syns, so I have it over 5 days, spreading the syns out like that. I don't see the point in eating foods I don't enjoy, as it's more likely to make me crave other things.

Things like cottage cheese, however, I will by the lowfat ones as they're free or low syn and therefore easier to work into recipes with breaking the syn bank. If I can find a good quality low fat cheddar, I'll buy it (that Low Low cheese is probably the nicest of the bunch, with Cathedral City Lighter coming a close second) but I think nothing of having ordinary cheese and just weighing and synning it.

I'm not a big fan of sweetners and often the low fat/low cal versions of things have sweetners in them, so I tend to avoid on that basis. But that's just my personal choice.
i do with certain things,like you i still buy ww bacon ( or stores own version) but things like beans i usually buy the smart price,cos even when i was on ww i found the points difference was tiny for the extra cost.
With some things its personal taste. i'm really not keen on frylite so i use a spray of olive oil and just count the syns,to me its worth it


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To me if it's the low fat version then it has to taste as good. I don't like most low fat cheeses, I'd rather have less of a really strong cheddar for example. And with baked beans I have to side with Donnie, I don't like the after taste of the sweetner in the lowfat ones and branston beans are just the best tasting beans around! I buy them at £1 for 4 when they're on offer in Morrisons. They taste like heinz used to before they changed the recipe, and the amount I eat, there would be too few calories difference to make any difference.

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