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Do you count veg?


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Yeah, if you're calorie counting then count everything.


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I don't weigh out salad as I've got used to how much of it is how many calories and it's never very many. Other veg and fruit I do count though, you'd be surprised how much they add up.
I have to keep a fine balance between not splurging and not being too controlling, else I go insane. So yes I count them but only roughly. Unless it's stuff like spuds or carrots which can contain more calories than the leafy salad things / spinach etc, then I will actually figure out how many potatoes / carrots etc of what size equals how many calories.
That was the part of Slimming World I loved the most, not having the count all the "allowed" stuff, made life much easier! But then also I think it is easier to fall off the wagon as well, whereas numbers tend to keep you on track :)
I just log everything salady under a presaved 'guesstimate' so I have an entry saved as a basic salad and I just double it for a big bowl an halve for a side serving? I do weigh potatoes and some veg (parsnip, corn, peas mostly) but then I don't alway weigh my meat? I use a generic 'medium chicken breast' and let it balance itself out over the week!!!
Yes, I count my veggies because as a vegetarian I eat lots of vegetable based foods. I just don't count the cloves of garlic, slices of onion and herbs (parsley/oregano/basil/etc), you know those little thing wich calories are almost non-existent. But if I eat a cup of boiled broccoli or carrots or something like that I count it ;)

I don't always log plain salad leaves, but ALWAYS log everything else. And usually I do log the leaves too, although a massive handful is usually only about 4 cals.
The only things I don't log are diet drinks (I now only drink around a litre of Diet Irn Bru a week, as opposed to 4/5litres a day!), frylight and the occasional stock cube. I log my mugs of tea, veg, sweetner, everything else :)
Other diets, especially SW might say some things are 'free''...well, the 1500calories a day I was eating, most days, in pasta alone was 'free' - there aint nothing free on this journey baybee lol

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