do you count your clothes


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i have just nipped into town and while i was there popped on the scales in the chemist!!...
now i took my coat off but i had on a pair of denim shorts, tights a vest and a poloneck..
so the weight amount that came up would i say that was accurate or would i allow a pound or so for them and actually subtract that to get my actual weight!!! ...

also how do you convert 9st 11 into pounds

(oh yes i am in the 9s... however near to the 10s i am still in the 9s!!!:D)
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Ten stone is 140lb so 9 st 11 is 137lb. You can probably allow 2lb for the clothes, denim is quite heavy. My OH was quite surprised that a light teeshirt, and I mean "light" - really thin cotton stuff weighed 1/2 lb.


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I weigh myself at class so just weigh something similar each day. i do strip to the bare minimum, the thinist of t-shirts and its freezing!! haha


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If you get weighed in the doctors they count it with your clothes on so I don't stress too much about what clothes I wear to class. Some people in my group are still weighing in in summer clothes though!