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Do you eat less in the heat?


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Its getting very warm and sunny now - and I wondered if anyone else was eating less in the heat?

I'm still totally on plan, but my portion sizes are so much smaller as I want to drink more rather than eat.
I also don't really fancy green, and been having red - lots of grilled fish and salad, chicken stir fry, melon and ham etc.

Anyone else? xx:)
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no lol

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
We're having loads of salad and meat and lighter meals with the heat too xxx


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Like some of you, I prefer to eat more salads and cold meals mainly because it's just too hot to be slaving over a stove...lol



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i tend snack on more things than cook, i ate beatroot earlier my mouth n fingers look like a 2 year olds after playing with food LOL!!

i did just cook chinese chicken 4 me and my friend but her bfs not letting her now so i have meal for 2 for just me... umzzz LOL


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The days when I get a chance to sit out in the sun I don't even think of food, but it's when I'm indoors that I start planning what to eat next.
I'm not as hungry during the day but I try to eat a lot of free foods cuz when I don't eat much I gain weight (weird I know!) x
I still eat just as much in hot weather, and even though I eat lots of salads, I still like my cooked meals aswell. I just love my food and never seem to lose my appetite!


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I don't think I'm eating less, just eating different things like salad instead of soup for lunch, dinners are still pretty much the same. Same thing goes for drinks, instead of endless cups of teas, I'm having endless glasses of water. So basically I'm having the same quantity of food and drink, just different temperature :D
Nope girls would seem im munching whatever the weather.. Still love my food <3 xxx
Some of my portion sizes have gone down and I prefer cold meals, ie Salads, with only one cooked thing - a jacket potato or something that does not involve me standing at the stove. . I know I drink more as well, especially after being to the gym.

But then in Winter, I eat loads of salad stuff as well!

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