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Do you find as time goes on you scale hop less?


Slimming down the aisle
I was just wondering what people found their jumping on the scales habit to be like.

When I first started CD it was every day, often more than once. The differences were noticable and it was like I needed that push.

After about a month of CD I weighed myself less, but still 3-4 times a week probably.

Now, I weigh myself once a week, and sometimes mid week.

Have you guys found it's changed?

I wonder whether it's because maybe you're feeling better about yourself, and you know it's working so you don't need that reassurance as much? Or just feel it in yourself more? I don't know. I just thought it was interesting. I still look forward to my WI though, even if it's just me alone as I'm off CD until I either get my next student loan or a part time job!
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Hi CG,

I think that as the losses slow down, jumping on the scales often just lets you down. I now try to resist and only step on every couple of days. Do you strip down before hopping on?



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Nopes, I still hop on every morning and sometimes in the evening when it's near WI as I get weighted in the evening unfortunately! I'm not good with change and now it's in my routine- if I were to forget one morning it would affect my focus! I reckon I HAVE to be on the spectrum somewhere!


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, is always the same routine, get up, go for a wee, strip off and weigh!


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I reckon I HAVE to be on the spectrum somewhere!
acctually if you looked at it everyone has some behaviours that can be classed as autistic tendancys

i have a few but am not on the spectrum ( well i hope not, lol )


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my first time on cambridge i was a serial scale hopper, my scales were in the bathroom and i got on them everytime i had a pee
it was becoming an obsession and it was reflecting in my moods ( if the scales didnt seem to be moving that week i would get upset ) i threw the scales away and now i only get weighed at my cdc's. some weeks i dont feel like ive lost anything so its a nice suprise when i get there
I agree with MM, the weight loss slows down and for me personally my weight loss happens right at the end of the week so if for example I jump on the scales on the Friday and it shows nothing it comes to my weigh day on the Monday and I lose 4lb! weird. So I just leave alone now and wait for my weigh in.


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Aye, I agree...I teach so I have a fair bit of experience with ASD. Funnily enough, there are many with a diagnosis which I would say is totally wrong where there are underlying emotional problems that haven't been addressed and many without a diagnosis that are clearly there somewhere. Suprising how you can recognise those traits in adults!! I have to say, I'm far more along the dyspraxic line...I have terrible motor skills and let's not talk about spatial awareness!!!
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i was described as a clumsy child with social issues all thru school, its only now that i know about things like dyspraxia that i would say i fit the criteria quite well lol
i also lack spacial awareness, the scars on my arms from walking into door frames and handles can testify to that, lol

my daughter thou has been inder investigation for autism for over a year, most people agree with her being autistic, even had a nurse approach me in a shop to ask me as she said she clearly looked to be autistic and yet we cant get a proper diagnosis as shes often non complient with the phycologists and is known to have other problems grrrr


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Ah bless her, how old is she? I always think the label given to children has absolutely no use at all, given that every child I have come across on the autistic spectrum is so different and you have to have a wide bank of strategies to help manage their needs. What IS important, IMO is that she gets the right help that she needs, that people recognise that she has an individual need and that need is supported consistently. I get so frustrated when I see adults 'mismanaging' children and then refer to them as 'naughty', then make their lives more difficult then they are already. Grr sry I have axes to grind with some colleagues!!!

Gorgeous photo of your little'un, she looks a bundle of joy! x
Yep, I get on the scales every morning. And it has to be first thing, without my clothes on an before I've had a drink/eaten anything. Looks like I have developed a bit of a ritual!
Summayah has the right idea with getting rid of the scales.

As an adult, I have recognised that I have a number of dyspraxic traits but haven't had the courage to seek a formal diagnosis. It wasn't something that I had ever heard about as a child.
I do meet people with dyspraxia (formally diagnosed) with some very responsible professional/managerial positions in health and social care.


please try again
my daughters 4 and a half now but she was flagged up at 14 months. were going with the wait and see approach but no ones working with me to manage her behaviour or to help with her speech and understanding. school are now starting to see more and more of her behaviours, the rituals, container play, lack of social interaction, the flapping and the echolalia where she gets stuck on loop. she doesnt talk to you, she talks at you but shes the bestest daughter i could wish for
When i first started i was but i think like someone else said as ur losses get smaller its a better surprise!
Still daily, normally in the morning, about an hour after rising. Often later in day too. Like to know what's going on and don't like to miss.... Not really a problem though, keeps me focused and reminds me why i should be 'good'! xx
Every morning at the same Time!!! It's very very important to me... One day at around 4am i couldn't sleep so i went down for some tea, as i passed the bathroom i hopped on, and went to bed. TWO hours later, same scale same nightie and a cup of tea heavier, i was three pounds lighter. So i now weigh at thé same exact time to avoid paranoïa!!!

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