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Do you follow SW 100% all the time?

I just ask because I have been doing since I started the plan at the beginning of Jan, the last few days I have been having the odd nibble of things I shouldn't have (and haven't counted).

I'm not that bothered because I am now in a size 12 and am happy for the rest of my weight to come off very slowly, I feel I have put my life on hold a lot over the last couple of months and don't want to do that anymore, but I realise I need to adopt this as a way of life now rather than a short term solution.

Every time I have done SW before I have done it 100% hand on heart, lost all my weight then regained it all over a period of time, I think this is because I don't relax a little, I'm trying to do this now and realise that the odd piece of cake is not going to make me gain half a stone (unless I decide to eat the rest of it lol!) as long as I stick to the plan the rest of the time.

So I'd like to hear everyone elses views on how rigidly you stick to the plan and if this affects your weight significantly. I need to be able to do this for life, and that means that 10 syns a day every day is not always going to be realistic
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I don't stick to it 100%, well not every week anyway.
This week, I've had a buffet lunch, an ice cream and will be having a small pizza later, but will be back on plan for the rest of the week.
I stick to it 99% of the time, but sometimes (especially when eating out) it really is impossible especially on a Green day. I keep a food diary and my 'off plan' days seem to only happen once a fortnight, and I still try and pick healthier options and not snack on rubbish...It hasn't effected my weight loss
I have not stuck to it 100%, with my OH going away in a week for 6 months we have a few meals out planned and figured once he has gone then thats my time to get fully into it!!!
I think I've come to the same conclusion as you - for this to be a way of life forever, there will be some days when you have no syns, some you'll have 5 and the odd day where you'll have 40! That's real life and the important thing is to just get right back on plan the next day and not let 40 syns turn in to hundreds! (my failure in the past). I'm trying to count everything just so I know what does/doesn't affect my weight loss but giving myself a bit more freedom than I have in the past.
It's like when people have 'treat night' or a night off after they've weighed, they can't claim to follow the plan 100% but more often than not they continue to lose although maybe at a slower rate, it's finding a way to fit it into your life longterm and if having the odd flexi day helps you do that then go for it hun.


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I just want to echo what others have said - SW is not a diet, it's a new way of life, and in order for it to succeed you need to re-educate yourself around your eating habits. If you see it as a means of denying yourself for the next however many months, years etc then you will fail...
That is what Image Therapy etc is supposed to be about - helping you make the choices that will support your new lifestyle !

Hope that this helps



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Nope never! I am consistant with my food and exercise but I always go way over my Syns (I won't tell you by how much) and I lose weight. I think that rather than it being about 100% it's more of finding what works for you. The plans are just the base, the way you apply them is down to the individual


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I don't have all my syns during the week, and on a Friday or Saturday I'll have a 'flexi syn' day and not count the chicken korma and wine etc! I don't eat out every week, but do most weeks. Funnily enough, the weeks when I stick to it 100% are often the weeks when I only lose 1/2 a pound. If I didn't have time out now and then I'd have given up ages ago.


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That's weird - that's wat happens with me too!
Gained 1/2lb for two weeks when I was 100% on plan, then lost 3.5lbs on a week when I was naughty *lol*


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If you have a day off then the next day when you get back on plan it's like a kickstart again, it confuses your body and it's a bit like week one all over again. So it's good to have a day off
Yes I seem to have gained 2lb this last week for no reason when I know I have been 100%, although I am now at my 'plateau weight' so this has what's lead to me to start thinking I am going to relax a little, whilst sticking to the plan on the whole but allowing myself some extras and a bit more of a life again!
Ive been on the SW "diet" for 3 weeks now..and so far I havent "cheated". I feel as though I could stiuck to this forever..obviously have the odd day if I eat out or Birthdays/Christmas when I will probably mess up. Im very happy with the diet at moment..I lost 5lb first week...2lb second week..and 2lb this week (and its TOTM today!!) so I'll be quite happy to stay at loosing 2lb every week;)

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