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Do you get a lot of negative comments about Cambridge?

I am constantly having to defend myself to people whose knee jerk reaction 'dangerous, crash diet, put it all back on, ketosis really dangerous, starving yourself' blah blah blah...

what tactics do you employ against this sort of stuff?

I try to explain till I'm blue in the face, but people do not want to listen...
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i know exactly how you feel! i started this time last year and within a week i was hospitalized with kidney stones and ended up with septicimia and in intensive care for a week. it was horrendous! my family and friends all immediately blamed the diet saying that my high water intake must have flushed the stones through lol what rubbish ive suffered with kidney stones for years! anyway i restarted 10 days ago and loving it i just say to them what is more unhealthy me being obese? or me being slim and healthy for my 5 children! stuff what everyone else says,i think that people that diss this diet are only jealous as they know they wouldnt have the will power to do it themselves!! xx
Hi i sure do not as it's only my cdc and mum knows im on CD and that's how it will remain to be.
Im loosing weight for me not others so you should'nt have to put up with comments.

chin up and good luck. x


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I've given up trying to justify CD to people. I just tell them to let me do what I want to do -> I just say I don't criticise others for eating fatty foods so they can't criticise me. I know I'm getting healthy amounts of vitamins and minerals and thats all that counts.
only had one lady so far really poo poo it , other than that positive comments and curious comments LOL

I'd personally tell them it's a safe diet, end of story. I certainly wouldn't be justifying myself to folk!
Yea I've had a few comments, its funny how everyone seems to be an expert on diets and whats good for you etc. I just explain to them that its actually healthy as I'm getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need everyday which is a lot more than some people get in a week. It annoys when people try and talk me out of it, I think some people just don't like to see other people happy. Most of the comments I get a positive and admire my will power.


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My sister in law is at uni doing food and nutrition..........need I say more........I just don't talk to her anymore. If there's one thing worse than a dietician, it's a student dietician. :mad:


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This is the reason that not many people know I am doing Cambridge. If people ask what I am doing to lose weight I simply say cutting down and cutting out - well I am lol


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My sister in law is at uni doing food and nutrition..........need I say more........I just don't talk to her anymore. If there's one thing worse than a dietician, it's a student dietician. :mad:
after a dietitian told me to cut down on the healthy home cooked dinners i give my daughter and swap them for chips, nuggets and burgers i dont hold what they same in much esteem


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I just keep it to myself - it's like my secret! Ppl who ask about shakes are told that it's in additon to healthy eating...LOL
In my first week a couple of negative comments really annoyed me because it was putting me off but then ketosis kicked in and I felt great, I just smile at people now and don't respond.
People were very supportive of me. I have to say I was very sceptical of the diet before I tried it so I'm just as guilty as charged.

I lost two 'friends' since I lost the weight though. They couldn't deal with me no longer being the fat friend and my loss and happiness really brought out some issues in them.


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Yes, very strange, all of a sudden absolutely everyone is a nutrition and fitness expert and they can't wait to tell you to just eat less and exercise more, argh! I had one colleague (the only one who knows I'm doing this) who was very supportive before I started the diet but when I told her last week how much I lost she insisted I looked weak and tired! Oh well, I just ignore it.
The people who have said negative things to me are generally people who don't like to see other people happy. The people who matter though, my family and friends all support me.


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I haven't really told many people. A couple of close friends know, hubby knows (obviously) and I told my boss and immediate work colleagues in case I have any weak/dizzy moments - I work with kids in a nursery so I felt it was only fair to inform them in case I do have a funny moment. My deputy manager has done the diet before and is being really supportive so that's good.

As for others - well, I don't care what they think, but I am not wasting my (bad!) breath on telling them about it as they wont listen, they'll only hear what they want to hear. So far, I have been able to explain my water drinking as 'detoxing' (which I suppose it technically is!) and have avoided any food situations by staying home. Luckily the BBQ season isn't in swing yet so it's not like there are invites all over the place!

The one person who did make me cry was my mum. Not intentionally I don't think, but I was feeling very fragile when I told her. Because I lost a lot of hair on my last CD journey she was very worried when I said I had restarted. But having to explain to her my self loathing and disgust, and the fact that I despise myself so much that I am willing to risk it all over again was a bit distressing. It's not an easy decision to ban food from your life, certainly not one that I took lightly.
Best thing I ever did - I think I was a food addict and (unlike alcoholics who can go on the wagon) I needed to break bad habits by cutting out as much food as possible. Calorie counting might be the best way to lose weight, slowly and steadily but for me, that would have been like telling the alcoholic 'just have a couple of small drinks during the day rather than a big bender'.
Removing the food and knowing that the shakes etc. was MY input for the day really clarified it for me. As a result, I have not felt the need to buy cakes/pastries etc. since maintaining, or bought chocs as I really am not interested in them :eek:. I have discovered the joys of veg - even some of them like parsnips are now too sweet for me so I find that my tastebuds have been re-tuned, not buried under a mountain of sugar.
I went for my weigh in tonight and have remained the same over the past month- I've been thinking all day "I can have a bit of a binge afterwards" (old habits die very hard :eek:) but found that I really couldn't make myself do it so I've had some pork stew and a bowl of sprouts and still kept under 1800 cals today :D. I'll have a hot choc later to celebrate.
So that, friends, is my take on the people who say 'it'll ruin your relationship with food' - absolutely not, it has been the only significant weight loss I have ever achieved over the past 28 years or so, I'm determined not to undo it and slip back into bad habits and it has left me in a far better head place than ever before.
Here endeth.... etc. etc. ;)

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