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do you go in to starvation mode on exante

hi everyone i've been on the exante diet for a week now and have heard alot of different storys. a VLCD puts u in starvation mode n u won't loss weight fast and what you loss will go back on but i always thought u didnt go into starvation mode cause all the vitamins and minerals provide all you GDA and trick your body into believing that its receiving everythink it needs i would really apreciate peoples comments cause i really would like to no what you tink or no x
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You only put the weight on again if you don't follow a proper bridging plan between shakes and food. And keep eating right afterwards. Some weight will go back on (a few lbs) but thats just water weight.

The sad fact is a lot of people think yay i've done it then just go back to old habits.. thats the killer. Not the few extra pounds you gain from coming off keto/eating food.

There's plenty of people who can vouch for the fact it works on here x
thank you for your comment hannata x
your body doesnt go into 'starvation mode ' as this involves burning muscle not fat , you are giving it the least amount of calories it needs to live on and NOT go into starvation mode , but due to the lack of carbs your body needs to get energy from somewhere so it breakks down your fat stores . that is how it works , and it DOES work , I have lost 7.5 stone on CD ( similar to exante ) , I lost at an average of 4lb a week , which is very fast , and i have kept it off for 6 months so far . Yes some people do regain the weight if they go back to eating as they did , but it is possible to keep it off if you change your habits .

Hope that helps


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I lost a lot of weight last year and maintained for a long time .... back here to lose my next bunch of weight. It can be done and its helpful to be aware of what your over eating triggers are and stay away from them.
thank you determined and bobbi, x


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I think the add a meal week helps with this. It stops the metabolism slowing down and weight loss stalling. You need to give your metabolism a boost on a VLCD, exercise (increasing as the weight comes off) , adding a meal etc all helps.
But basically the rules are calories in - about 600. Calories out 600 + result weight loss, quickly, safely and for me magically.
If you return to any diet where calories in exceeds calories out - the result is weight gain - I have some distinct evidence of this! Personally.
So go for it, and don't worry too much - just follow the rules.

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