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do you guys weigh yourselves regularly

hi all, just home from work ..... and had to share with you that i am now a serial weigher !!!!! any scales will do buti will take my accurate weight from my cdc. however i got on the scales at work , they must be right cos the midwives use it .... and hey i was under 12 stone, only by a little smidging but it was still under 12 . feeling great today, although i had a bit of a dizzy spell, was on my knees doing a dressing on a patient and as i stood up nearly fell over and was on planet zog for about 10 seconds. passed quick enough, must be my blood pressure !!!!
hope you lot having good day today and feel inspried to continue
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Mrs V

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Hi Sue.

You will rech that goal before you know it!!!

With the head rush thingy, try not to get up too quickly and you will be fine.....are you drinking enough water?

Good luck with your journey.




Gone, but who cares huh
I weigh myself every morning on my own scales, after a wee, lol but my official weigh is taken from a boots store by me on a monday morning, my own scales are 2kg heavier than the boots ones, i knwo people have said you shouldnt weigh every day, but i really find it spurs me on,


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Im the same as Gill.....I weight on my scales every morning (the daily loss keeps me on track) But i weight in officially on a thursday night x

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Last time I did the VLCD I tried to focus on getting the time under my belt knowing that was the key to the weight falling off.

Then I got obsessed with the scales and it all seemed to drag as I began predicting and I found that harder.

Having said that when I stopped being obessed with the scales and started eating again the weight piled on.

Now I am back to the VLCD I know that time is the key but I can't stop myself from weighing in first thing every morning. That's fine all the time the weight consistently coming off but demotivating on those water retention weeks :rolleyes:

I'm just weak! :D
hi yep i`m also a daily weigher but always go by cd weigh in. Just like to see whats happening. Good luck with your loss you do what makes you feel happy :wavey:


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im obsessed especially as it is my week off after eye meal :S morning,evening, after a number 1, number 2 or just because i walk past them :)
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lou stands up...........and holds up hands........:wave_cry:

My name is Louise and I am a serial weigher!!!!:scale:

as much as I say I am not going to weigh every day...I still do!!lol

CDC scales weigh the same as mine...so I know when the losses are good. Has been nice this week as cdc is away and I wont go and see her till monday which will be 12 days ss-ing......I have already lost 10lb by my scales...would be fab to be a stone down by first official wi! sorry I have rambled on!!!


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Yes, another weighaholic here. Weigh several times a day :eek:


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well i was a weighaholic but oxfam took posession of my scales last wednesday and i am now a liberated woman : )

seriously i was geting too addicted and then when i went up a pound it made me feel miserable and wanting to eat which was dangerous - - so they had to go
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Oh Slushy-me, too !!
I thought I was the only one who did that-I am sure that's why I have had a few miserable days-constantly checking my weight and when it goes up a pound or two-that's my reason to eat something:cry:

I weigh myself on different spots on the bathroom floor and then take them to the kitchen-it's all the same tiles-so why do I do that!!!

I am determined to get rid of the pesky things!!!:banghead:

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