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Do you have a plan?

If so can you share it with me. I don't know from one day to the next what I am going to be eating. In fact I don't even know what I am going to be eating for my next meal until I look in the cupboards/freezer at meal times. I have nothing organised for tea tonight. OH will be home about 5 so I start thinging about it about 4. I really need to get myself organised but I don't know where to start. How do you organise your day?
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Why don't you have a look on the SW website, they have plans you can download. The magazine has a plan and a shopping list to go with it. And if you look on the food diary section on the SW main page here you will be able to pick up ideas from them. Are you going to class? Why don't you sit down with a pen and paper and make out a plan. It's far too difficult to stick to SW unless you do. There's an excellent sticky for new members too.
I plan the evening meals for the week, either by looking through magazines/cook books or looking at what meat I have in the freezer.
Once I have the 7 meals planned I write them on the white board in the kitchen and each night before the next day, I pick a meal for the next day and plan the rest of the day around it.
Does that make any sort of sense!

Basically, If I decide to have spag bol tomorrow night, I'll get the mince out of the freezer tonight and I know that tomorrow will be an EE day.
If I decide tonight that we will have leek and pea risotto tomorrow then it's all fridge/storecupboard stuff and I know tomorrow will be a green day.
This is the only way I can do it! It's cost effective too, as you shop for those 7 meals and breakfast and lunch are usually storecupboard or left overs.

Hope this helps - planning really is the key!

Mrs V

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Planning is definitely the key!
Im not as organised as Jaylou, but I do shop once a week. I buy general things knowing that I am on the EE plan and what I can eat and then plan 2 days in advance. Like Jaylou I would take mince out of the freezer the night before for a chilli etc.
I also make my lunch and sometimes breakfast the night before as well, so that I can heat it up in the microwave....say for example tomorrow Im going to have bacon and poached eggs on toast, so I will cook the bacon this evening and the eggs I have a microwave poacher for work now as well as use of a toaster!
Hope I havent confused things! Lol
Thanks Jaylou and Judimac. That really is my down fall - planning. I'm hopeless at it. I need to take on hour or so and sort out what I am going to be eating for the next week and stick to it. Every year my New Years Resolution is "Be more organised". Maybe I might start now...
I don't plan the week, I probably plan the night before, but then it's very possible that I'll change my mind. I prefer it that way and it works for me.
I'd hate to plan the week in advance, but I know most [eople prfer to do it that way.

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