do you have bathroom scales in your house?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by Sam1309, 25 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Silver Member

    just a quick nosey question

    personally i don't have any in my house, sometimes wish i did thou:rolleyes:
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  3. voodoo

    voodoo LOVING MY WATER

    I have some, use them in the kitchen once a week, rest of week they are in a cupboard out of the way. Kitchen is only room to have hard floor & not easy to be tampered with by my boys.
  4. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Silver Member

    what is it with men tampering with them i ask u
  5. kila

    kila Full Member

    I have a digital scales.
    I use it once a week. I try not to get too caught up in the numbers it shows me though. Often you can feel that your clothes are looser on you even if the scales don't show a loss. It's better to go by that I think.
  6. xxtashaxx

    xxtashaxx Losing the mummy fat

    I have 2 scales :rolleyes:
    I try to only weigh myself on weigh in day but I can't help checking about 5 times.
    Been good this week tho only weighed myself twice!
  7. KaitlynsMummy

    KaitlynsMummy Member

    I have a set in living room - try not to weigh myself more thn once a week tho! x
  8. jenniferyellowhat

    jenniferyellowhat Full Member

    I went and bought some yesterday, was weighing myself at my mum's previously so I couldn't go mad weighing 3 x per day!
    They will stay in a cupboard and only come out once a week though:)

    Was just reading up about CS. Are the shakes and stuff nice?

  9. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Silver Member

    they are delish, i have trouble choosing which one to have there so yummy
  10. Kir

    Kir Member

    I have scales too, like most of you i try and weigh myself only once a week (sometimes i can't help but do it midweek too :eek:)

    I agree the CS shakes are yummy, i'm quite fond of the cafe latte usually have it for breakfast :)
  11. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Silver Member

    i'm not to fond of the caffe latter, must try it with an extra espresso shot

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