Do you have PCOS?

Yeah, I'm sure they're mostly the same too. I had jarrows to begin with & now I'm taking swansons. I think I know the scoops you mean as I've got a small bag of choline that comes with a tiny scoop. I put a scoop of choline in with my inositol as I read it can help with absorption. Glad to hear you're getting used to the taste now. I think I should switch to water really. It may well be working its magic already, maybe keep a diary. I noticed the benefits straight away too but I read it can take minimum of three months for you to really notice a difference. Silver lining regarding your clear skin. What are your periods like at the moment. Mine have been irregular for years due to weight gain. The inositol made mine more regular. What diet plan are you following? I'm in diet limbo at the moment as I'm going on holiday this Saturday. When I come back I'm going to revert back to being low carb.
I read something about choline somewhere. I don't think it really matters what it's diluted in, my packet says water or fruit juice. I just tend to drink water normally. I go through phases of fizzy pop, usually lilt, the sugar-free 7-up or diet lemonade (not currently going through a phase of drinking them, and the last diet lemonade I drank didn't taste right, sort of too artificially sweet, so definitely off them at the moment), so just tend to have 1 or 2 coffees a day and the rest is water.

I think I read three months somewhere (though not sure if I read that on here from you or elsewhere!). My periods are so infrequent. I had a short spell in my late teens where they regulated to a perfect 28 days and they were so light. Until that point, they had been really, really heavy, never painful, thankfully, but just so heavy and they would last so long, about 9 days. I had a miscarriage when I was 19, and my periods have never regulated themselves since then. They're lighter than they were at least, and much shorter - I've had one this year and it only lasted about five days. How about yours?

I don't know whether it was the miscarriage which affected my periods again or more likely the weight gain. I had the miscarriage about 2 months after starting uni the first time. Like everyone I was at uni with, the weight piled on. I know I was about 17/18 stone when I started uni, I don't know what I weighed when I left but my uniform (like the rest of my class's) was tight when I finished - I don't think any of us could do up our trouser buttons! A few months after finishing uni, I weighed around 20 stone and did manage to maintain that weight for a while. I was eating junk quite a bit after finishing work late most days and not wanting to cook, but I think it was the fact that my job then was quite active. I then left that job, went back to uni and piled on a ton more weight. My job now isn't particularly active, I sat at a desk most of the day, but I hadn't changed the way I ate from when I spent 14 hours a day running around.

It's says you're doing the Atkins diet on your side bar thing? Is that quite meat-based? How do you find low-carb? I grew up in a very old-fashioned household, carbs (specifically potatoes - I didn't taste pasta, rice or noodles until I was well in my teens!) were the basis of all hot dinners, bread the basis for other meals of the day. I find it hard to kick the carbs and don't feel as though I've had a proper meal unless I have carbs. I'm just trying to eat sensibly, sort of toying around with the idea of 5:2 diet but I'm not sure at the moment. The only good thing about being this weight is that actually I'm not having to be too strict with my calorie intake to still have a deficit!

Have fun on your holiday! Where are you going?
Hey @Loz1986, just touching base with you after my holiday to the Scottish coast. :cool: How are you doing? I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things again. Well done on ditching the fizzy pop. I'm currently having a can of Pepsi max daily. I really should knock it on it's head as I've read the body can't tell the difference between sugar and sweeteners, it just tastes so good!! :confused: Have you noticed anymore improvements since starting the inositol. I'm pretty sure given time your body will gear up to have another period, then fingers crossed they will start to regulate from then on. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I have read that miscarriage can affect periods, but I'm not sure if it's temporary or longterm. Before I started the inositol in January this year, my periods were every two to three months. So frustrating when you're trying to conceive!! Then they appeared to regulate to about 31 days, but after my miscarriage have gone irregular again. My own fault really as I stopped taking my inositol as I was so fed up. I don't think our weight helps with our periods. It's just unfair when there are women much heavier than us who still maintain regular periods and have no issues conceiving. For me, being overweight has caused huge problems with hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance that in turn has meant I don't always ovulate. At the moment I'm just making low carb choices and haven't been strictly Atkins. I know too much meat is not great for hormonal issues or fertility so I try to swap meat for fish and beans when I can. I enjoy low-carb when I get into it properly. Initially I do find it hard and crave carbs something rotten. I grew up in a family too where meals were based around pasta, rice and potatoes. So, it's just a case of changing my mindset, a bit like you've already done with the fizzy pop. I've never tried the 5:2 plan but have heard great things about it. On your strict days what do you restrict your calories too? When I reduce mine, I always feel like I'm starving. Need to do more to occupy myself. Food seems to rule my life. anyway, hope you're having a fab week. Lisa xxx
Hi Lisa - how was the holiday? Where in Scotland did you go? I went to the Highlands a couple of years ago - it was cold and wet but the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I'd love to go back some day!

I had my first fizzy pop in ages - it was coke, I think normal, full fat coke (I don't like diet coke, it doesn't taste right), a friend bought it for me whilst we were out for the evening at the weekend. I had a prosecco and lots of water, I probably would have gone for orange juice or lemonade, but the coke was OK, hasn't made me want any more fizzy pop though.

It's good to hear that the inositol worked well for yo. I had a few days off the inositol due to family issues and I wasn't home for a couple of nights - I didn't take the inositol or the multivitamins for a couple of nights, so I'm sorting of struggling to get back in to the habit at the moment. I think it had made a difference, in the last couple of days I've had three spots appear on my face and another one or two on my body. Anyway - you've reminded me to take it tonight, I've just made some up and am sipping at it, I really must be getting used to the taste! About the miscarriage - thank you, it was a really long time ago and whilst I think I'm mostly over it (at the time, I was actually quite relieved which now seems a horrible thing to say), it just hits at certain times, I think it hasn't helped that I spoke to literally no-one about it - no-one in my private life knows about it. Have you managed to get plenty of support from friends and family?

A few years ago, I trained as a midwife - not working as one now though - when I was on placement on labour ward, I looked after a couple of women who had really high BMIs, the one lady I looked after had a BMI in the 60s. I've also got a friend who is a similar size as me who has had a couple of children with no problems. It does seem that whilst periods and ovulation are meant to be affected by weight (both high and low), it does seem really individual as to at what point that individual's fertility is affected.

Fish and beans sound good. I don't eat much meat, which is funny considering I grew up with having meat at every hot dinner, things I would never touch now like chops or stew, so I always struggle with protein, I used to eat loads of tuna, when I was at uni the first time, I would have a tuna baguette for lunch almost every single day. I still like tuna, but I think I have grown bored of having it that often. I do like other fish, I enjoy salmon and sea bass and I absolutely love fish pie (though made, not bought, as all the bought ones have prawns and I don't like shellfish (I sound really fussy, I'm not, when I'm out or at a friends, I'll eat what I'm served even if it's not something I like), though fish pie's not exactly something you can take to work! As a consequence, I probably eat far too much cheese as this is my go to option when I don't really know what else to have!

I'm not really too strict with how many calories I have at the moment. I've sort of set myself a maximum of 2000 calories, which sounds a lot but according to the NHS BMI website, the minimum I need per day if I am inactive is 2045, and I rarely reach this, most days I have a maximum of about 1400 calories. On most of my low calorie days, I am well below 800 calories, often about 500. I tend to have a lunch of about 350 calories at work (it used to be about 900ish!). I used to go to the shop most evenings after work and buy junk to have at home in the evening as it was easier than cooking for one (even before I broke up with the ex, he worked away a lot during the week, so I was often home alone anyway). Now, I tend to have a rice pot, soup or something similar and a salad, some fruit and maybe a yogurt. For low calorie days, I bought a trial pack Slim and Save which is a food replacement diet. I had and have no intention of doing one of those diets, but there were 28 meal replacements in there, each about 150 calories, and I have one of these as my evening meal. Last week I had some family things going on and I did have a couple of bad days where I had nearly 3000 calories, but actually, I'm quite pleased about them. One of them was when I spent the whole day driving and had a couple of service station stops - I rarely venture in to fast food restaurants so I'm not bothered about these, these things can and will happen. But, the other day was just one evening when I decided I wanted to pig out. I actually felt disgusting and disgusted by it all (previously, that wouldn't have been an uncommon thing for me to do), so I'm quite glad it happened and now I feel that it won't happen again, well, certainly not for a long time!

Anyway, I think one of the good things about the 5:2 diet (not that I'm following it properly!) is that whilst you're obviously eating sensibly 5 days of the week, if you feel hungry or like you're missing out on the 2 days, you always know that tomorrow, you can eat a little more than today.

(Sorry it's a bit of an essay!)
Hey @Loz1986, how's your week been? Don't apologise for writing a lot, I love having something to read. It's usually me guilty of writing too much lol. We must have that in common. Scotland was lovely thanks. We went to a small village on the southern coast called Southerness. It only had a few shops, a pub and a lighthouse on the beach. We could see Cumbria on the horizon from the beach and we weren't too far from Dumfries. We've been to a few places in Scotland now. I haven't wanted to book abroad for the last few years just in case we get pregnant. Whereabouts did you visit in Scotland? Yes, definitely go back and if you've not been to Edinburgh go and do the touristy thing there, I'd recommend it. Well done on staying off the fizzy pop even after your night out. It shows you're not addicted to it. My sister is the same with Coke she doesn't like the taste of diet coke. I only have normal coke if I feel a bit off as a pick me up. One of my naturally slim friends always lectures me on having diet pop telling me how bad it is for me and that I'd be better off with the real thing or nothing at all. I think I got into the habit of having diet pop years ago when I was doing slimming world. My slimming world friends would drink gallons of the stuff daily so it became my treat drink. Especially at work in the afternoon when you get that slump after lunchtime. It keeps you going. Need to knock it on the head though.

Have you managed to get back into the habit of taking your inositol and multivitamins? I'm taking my inositol but I do keep forgetting to take it twice daily. I also want to get back into the habit of having my maca and cacoa smoothies as I think maca helps me to ovulate too. So, it will be like a two pronged approach. What other multivitamins are you taking? I was taking a number of other things too but I have used them up and not replaced them for now. I think sometimes we take that many things it's hard to know what is actually doing us some good. How's your skin now? Hormonal imbalance is a bugger isn't it. I'm glad to hear you've mostly come to terms with your miscarriage. It's still such a private affair. I didn't really access much support through friends and family either as people don't seem to like to talk about it. It's such a taboo subject. I'm okay though, these things happen and as awful as it sounds, I would much rather it happens in very early pregnancy then much further down the line. You're my second midwife friend by the way. My other friend doesn't work as a midwife anymore either. You're absolutely right, while weight does affect periods and ovulation, it is definitely down to the individual as to which point things start to become irregular.

No, you don't sound a fussy eater at all. I wish I was a bit more fussy about my diet, maybe then I wouldn't have issues with my weight. Food is the bane of my life. It doesn't matter what is going on, my mind will drift off thinking about the next meal or snack. I love fish pie too, my mum used to make that for me and her growing up. She'd always garnish it with a couple of slices of tomato. Cheese is not a bad thing. I only discovered Atkins many years ago through a gynaecologist who told me that I would be better snacking on babybels in between meals rather than fruit. I'd always thought of Atkins as a bad diet prior to this point. My only dilemma cheese wise now is that some people say to eat lots of full fat dairy and cheese if you're trying to conceive and others say cut out dairy completely, particularly if you have hormonal issues. So, now I don't know which advice to take. But I do miss snacking on olives and cheese. Your calorie intake is fantastic. I've not been logging calories at all. But, I'm pretty sure I'd be much higher. I'll have to take a look at the NHS BMI website to educate myself. Evenings can be my worst for picking. Generally, I don't always have stuff in to pick on but when I do I have to eat it. The slim n save meal replacement bars sound like a good idea for your very low calorie days. I think I'd struggle to eat below 500 calories. I guess I could make a big pan of low calorie soup or something. Anyway, have a lovely weekend if I don't speak to you before. Lisa xxx
Hi Lisa, I've not been on for a couple of days. Your holiday sounds lovely. When I went to Scotland, we stayed near Loch Ness. I hadn't realised how big Scotland was. After driving over the border, and driving past Glasgow, I expected it not to be that far, but there were still miles and miles to go! It was beautiful scenery there. I thought Loch Lomond was prettier than Loch Ness, though. I wanted to visit Edinburgh on the way home but we didn't get chance. It is one of the places I'd like to visit in the future.

I'm still not really in the habit of taking the Inositol and the multivitamins. I've remembered to take them for the last few days, though, which I'm happy with. The multivitamins I'm taking are just a packet of cheapies from Sainsbury's. They're not meant to trying to conceive or pregnancy, but that's fine as it's probably going to be about 6 months away til I try, anyway, so it's not going to do any harm at the moment. They only contain 200mcg of folic acid, but that's 200mcg more than I was getting before. How about you? Are you remembering to take your Inositol?

I do that with fish pie, put tomatoes on it. I never had it growing up, but I did start liking fish a couple of years back (prior to that, it was just tinned tuna or salmon or the very occasional fish from a chippy) and really fancied a fish pie, the recipe said to put tomato on it, which sounded wrong, but I did and it was so yummy.

I used to be really bad at eating in the evening. I would go to the shop most days after work rather than cook something, and I buy quite a bit. I don't do that now, I've probably been to the shop twice after work this month - I think I bought a load of junk the first time purely because I'd had a terrible day at work, and then the other week, I'd left late, had no lunch and wasn't going straight home. I bought a sandwich and I think a bar of chocolate. I'm trying not to buy chocolate - in all honesty, it's going pretty well, but I have had the occasional slip-up. I don't have any junk food at home, that way I'm not tempted. Like you, I know I'd want to eat it if I had it here.

I hope you had a good weekend, speak to you soon.
I was diagnosed with PCOS mid-2021. After they just put me on the pill (over the phone) and told me to lose weight I realised that it had to be an independent journey for me. So I've been doing my research and altering my lifestyle accordingly. Hope I can learn more from the ladies on this page and share what I know too. Thoughts go out to all of you who are struggling with these rubbish symptoms and the weight gain. But it can get better!
They could not give me this diagnosis for a long time, because I do not have any clearly expressed symptoms. I have hyperandrogenism and some hypertrichosis, a long history of acne, but the cycle was normal, so doctors did not make this diagnosis for a long time. And only recently I found out that I suffered from acne for 10 years due to PCOS