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Do you have to be overweight

hey hun, think u have to be overweight according to bmi, so if its 25 or over ur classed as overweight.
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I was told today that I was 10st 10lbs and I just bought my weeks supply and no one talked about me stopping. I don't think they will say anything to you unless you are dangerously thin. If you do face such problem then you can say you want the shakes for maintenance or refeed :D
at ur height 5'6, same as me. 10st 10lbs is a healthy bmi so thats probably why theyre saying thats when to stop.
jesi u must be shorter if ur bmi is 29 at 10st 10lbs.


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yep that's me shorty :D
Its advised that you dont use ebay. they mite let you do the maintenance but i doubt the tfr.
my pharmacist didnt say id have to stop at 10st 10lbs, just that thats my target as will get me to a healthy bmi. this weight takes you to the top range of healthy though so cant see why they wouldnt let u carry on as 9stone is also in the healthy range for our height.
good luck hun

My pharmacist gave me a goal weight of 9st 8lb and I am 5ft 6in. I think 10st 10lb is the top end of BMI and so long as you are within normal range (ie 20-24.9) then most will allow you to continue if you want to and have stuck to it successfully.

I am in a bit of a blip at the mo, maintaining at 10st 5lb ish and I am happy enough but will be aiming for 9st 8lb by Xmas!
Thanks Theresa! Are you coming back to total refeed to kill them extra pounds or just going to do some healthy eating and exercise?
Are you maintaining by yourself or you in any slimming clubs :) xxx
would like to get to about 10st as any lighter i look 2 skinny as ive got big boobs and wide hips.
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OOOh I know the big boobs thing.

I have gone from a 36FF to a 34FF............no real drop in other words......... a nightmare getting dresses! I have to go up a size and then the dress is v.loose on my waist......grrrr

I am hoping to come back on full TFR but I am waiting until end of this month realistically. I have family over to visit until the end of October...... If I dont maintain then that will make a difference to my decision!!

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