do you have to use the 49 extra points

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  1. tamla

    tamla Full Member

    this is my second week on ppoints the first week i lost 4lb was happy with that but second week i lost only a 1b :cry:ive never eaten my 49 extra points as i dont feel i need them,is it vital that you have to use them to get a good weight loss,thanks
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  3. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    I lost 1 1/2 lb my second week and 3 1/2 lb the first week. According to my leader you don't need to eat the extra 49

    Irene xx
  4. Laineymcd

    Laineymcd Full Member

    I had my wi last wed & stayed the same I used 31 of my weekly pp, she told me I must consume the whole 49 or it's no good... But I feel it's hard to use them up??
  5. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    from what other ww leaders / helpers have told us on here hun you dont need to use them all up as long as your 29 dailys are used than thats all that matters, but you may need to look into how your using the 49 weeklies maybe? say if someone is just using it all for crisps, biscuits and chocolate then this ofc will slow down losses but to use it as a meal out, or a take away then this will still help your weight loss journey as its a simple one off treat kind of thing xx
  6. Laineymcd

    Laineymcd Full Member

    That make's sense, our leader abit of a witch anyway she has her favourite's & unless your in that group you won't get an ounce of support she just trough me a dirty look & said use your flipping points & it will work, wouldn't go back only for I need the wi, no one else does a class in our area... That's why I love this website everyone so helpful xxx
  7. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    ergh thats terrible i dont know how some people can become leaders at times the amount of horrible stories ive heard about some! just keep at it hun prove her wrong and do it without the support from her but all us lot! we help each other out, i started propoints (after a year + on discovery) three ish weeks ago first week i had around 15 weeklies left and lost 3lbs, 2nd week i had about 20 weeklies left and lost 3lbs again, tbh i go by if ive had two brill weeks then my third (wi on tue) will be either a sts or a very small loss because of the body already getting rid of so much the two weeks before, that will be like it for another two or three weeks then ill suddenly have a bigger loss again, its just the bodies way of getting us to what we are doing, the 49 weeklies are there as a little side pocket... handy to dip into if needed but if you dont then it doesnt matter, just keep to 29 dailies, if you want a treat try keeping it within the dailies, if you cant then dip into the 49 :D it's what i do :p good luck xxx
  8. LauraLoo

    LauraLoo Silver Member

    I struggle a bit with this too - I often use some of mine during the week, a few tagged onto each day so I can have a little treat at night or whatever but haven't used my full 49 each week yet - but it's only been a few weeks and weeks when I have meals out or whatever, then I will need to use my 49 (the food and wine quickly add up!)

    I have lost 1.5lbs the past 2 weeks each time (last week was totm though) and though I know it's a steady loss etc I feel a bit "meh" about it - I want a 3lb loss or something just to feel like it's working well - it's all psychological isn't it!? I want it off faster - I wanted to have lost at least 1.5 stone by beginning April, 2 stone ideally and it's not going to happen at this rate!

    Sorry your WW leader is horrible btw - complain about her attitude and that she gives you no support. xx
  9. 600andy

    600andy Member

    Thanks for this thread, I was wondering the same. I generally dont consume all of my daily Pro-points - I dont see the point if I am well fed and satisfied eating stuff for the sake of it?! That said, come the weekend, I use the whole 49 - roughly for 24 points Sat & Sun each - this "buys" me some treats and keeps me on track (in a controlled manner!) as I find when I am not at work, I am more likely to stray as I dont have the dicipline of work to stop me chilling and relaxing with something naughty. I do like a drink, and last weekend did make a bottle of red last 2 days which is unheard of for me.

    Last few weeks I have lost 8lbs, so its obvioulsy working and I am well chuffed. This week, I expect things to slow to a steady 2-3lbs loss per week.

    Well done to you all, your doing really well.

  10. Bride2B2012

    Bride2B2012 New Member

    I am just starting Pro Points, i am 5ft 6 and weigh 10.7 stone so only really need to loose 1 1/2 stone, i have been told i should be on 29 daily points and 49 weekly is this right? and as i loose weight should i lower my daily points - i have all the books from ebay as im not actually joining a WW club as saving money for our wedding next August.
    If you could help i would be really grateful!
  11. cookie1975

    cookie1975 Member

    Sounds about right to me, you don't have to eat The weekly ones I think they are there if you want to eat out, apparently they are some how included in your weekly total?!?

    Good luck xx
  12. cookie1975

    cookie1975 Member

    Why do leaders have favourites there's a clique at my wi as well, same people get all the praise, I get told I
    Must be missing stuff of my tracker, not weighing my portions, too much gym.. Muscle weighs more than fat blah blah blah.

    Ive just got a biggest loser book 6.99 from there's some really good recipes in there but I bet all that advice will be wrong to ww people
  13. Littlemizz

    Littlemizz Full Member

    Bride2b you must not lower you daily points as you loose weight, 29pp is the minimum amount of pp you can be on and they must be used.
    I am finding on this plan that my losses are definitely lower than on vintage but that's how it's going to be with pp. It's all tied in with a high protein diet which actually means you are loosing fat and not muscle. I think finite fast weight loss you are looking for the pp is not the way to go.
  14. Bride2B2012

    Bride2B2012 New Member

    Thanks for getting back to me, thats a great help!
    Im not looking to have any fast weight loss as i have 18 months to loose a stone which i would rather do slowly as that way there is more chance of it staying off for good!!

    Thanks again x
  15. Littlemizz

    Littlemizz Full Member

    Fab attitude! I'm sure you will lose your stone well before 18months! It took me a while to start thinking like that as I was used to a faster loss on the vintage plan. However I have now come round to it, a loss is a loss no matter how small.
    Good luck x

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