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do you know of anyone being turned down by the drs?

I know some doctors dont agree with cambridge but you arent asking them to, all you are doing is making them aware of what you are doing and them to confirm you are healthy enough to do so, thats what they need to sign the form for, you may find some doctors charge for the form.

Good luck



Slimming for my children
yep they have said I have to pay £15.00 and have had to leave it with them for the admin team to sign it. and it wont come back till wednesday at the earliest!
So luckily my sister has some shakes and I have bought them off of her. so i can start today! yeyeyeye!

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That's great news that they'll sign it :) don't forget to chase them up if you are having to pay you should have it on time I'd be moaning otherwise! lol

well done on starting today :)
I didn't know the doc had to sign off anything with cd. My doc is all for it anyway and im seeing him today but not going to see my csc for the first time until tonight, does that mean I can't get started straight away then?



Slimming for my children
No as long as your bmi is under 40 (which mine is 42) I had toi get it signed by dr.
I am assuming they will sign it as they seemed to know as when the reception showed it to the dr she said " we normally get people to pay for signing cambridge diet forms dont we?" so am assuming its quite a regular thing.
But its all good. I think i need to loose a stone to be under 40 bmi anyway so even if they dont sign it off i'll just try and buy some more somewhere and then get it under bmi 40 within a few weeks and then i'll be sorted.
You should be able to get started straight away unless you have health problems. If it's just a signature there shouldn't be a problem. My CDC just sent my form to my doctors to get it signed but gave me the shakes straight away - I haven't been to my doctors at all.


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As a CDC I only had one person whose doctor refused to sign and he is so up his own arris that it was not surprising. He is the sort of person who thinks he knows it all and that he knows best and his wife is the same too. lol What a life they must have!

Personally I dont think doctors should charge for such a simple thing because you are doing something about your weight and making yourself healthier too. So less of a drain on the NHS. When I did LL one of the girls doctor charged her £50 which I thought was really over the top.


Slimming for my children
that is ridiculous.
I was thinking if they refuse to sign it to just get the sachets off ebay i know its not good and i know its bad but there is no other way i want to loose weight as i know this works and to just be 2 digits over the bmi is stupid!
Please don't get them off ebay, it's going to be more expensive and without the proper support. If the worst comes to the worst you could change doctors, you don't need to give a reason. If you're not happy with your doctors you don't need to stay with them.
I know how you feel - once you make the decision you just want to get started! I'm sure you won't have a problem with the drs signature, still can't believe they're charging you though!
If you have a word with your CDC just say your doc has it and will be getting it back wednesday you should be able to get packs off them, i had the same bmi as you, and my doctors are very funny with me about my weigth so my cdc just started me on it anyway (which is a bit naughty but i was desprate!!! was down to 40 before you knew it and then i didnt need a sig from docs!)


Slimming for my children
Nope spoke to her. Which is fair enough. She said shes not willing to put me in danger or risk her license without the drs say so.
she didnt comment on the fact I have my own sachets lol.

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Loves weight.. training!
at least you know your getting a good cdc :) one that cares about her job :)

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