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Do you know what I love most about this forum?


Mistress of the Dark
It's being able to be myself.

I don't have to take pictures of myself with an angle that makes me look slimmer, or hides my tummy.

I don't have to pretend that I used to eat healthily and can admit that I was an out of control eating machine for my whole life until now.

I don't have to pretend that I am happy all the time and can moan about things without people telling me to shut up.

I can be me, and nobody judges me. Nobody looks down their nose at me because I am overweight. Nobody tuts and sighs (well you might do!) when I start whinging about my bingo wings or gaining a few lbs.

I love this forum and if it didn't exist, and I didn't have the support of you guys, I would probably weigh about 26st and be miserable.

Okay, totally irrelevant gushing session over! :eek:
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I love that too! So dito to everything you have just said Gem lol! I would never dream of putting my photos on any other webpage other than here.

I sooooooo agree with you

This forum is my CD lifeline as in just making sure im normal with how i feel about it all

Without this i would have fallen off the wagon good and proper im sure of it :confused:
Ok Im going for 0094 only beacuse Im assuming your the one with the glasses on in the first one and the second one is the one that resembles that one :confused: Im probably waaaaaaaay off though!



please try again
lol oh i so know the taking photo's from the most flattering angle dilemma.
i acctually used the function on befunky.com to try and hide the not so nice aspects in a cool, misterious way! lol

when im at goal ( this time i WILL do it ) im gonna have a photoshoot with my baby girl and love every second of it
Well said. It's such a relief to have some where to come & vent, or chat, to ask for advice and to know that you all have been through/are going through the same things as I am.
Minimins is the best!

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