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Do you ladies still experience premenstrual weight gain on LT?


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G: 14st4lb
not on LT, but another VLCD, and yes, still get bloating and cravings at TOTM, sorry! :)


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Hi Magpie! Yep i still get cravings and water retention but funnily enough, before being on LT i had that the week before I was due totm and since being on LT i've suffered the week after totm! The way i'm going i'll be lucky to lose 1lb at weigh in on Wednesday lol xx
S: 21st3lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.76%)
i lost 6lbs on my last totm.i used 2 bleed every two weeks but since being on this diet (almost 7 weeks) iv only had 2 perids so its helped alot. down side 4 me they are very heavy but i have very little pms as i used 2 suffer terribly b4 plus no cravings 4 me i used 2 live on toast and jam at totm lol


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I've been on LT for 8 months with regular heavy TOTM and it has never made a difference to my weigh ins. This has shocked me as before LT I'd be known to put on up to 7lbs during TOTM. Different strokes for different folks I suppose - Some will lose less, others not effected. You'll most probably make it up some other week though. It all comes off eventually.
Thank, ladies.

Sounds like your experience is mixed.

Usually I gain tons of water weight in the days before my period, and lose it by the time I've finshed bleeding.

Given that we're not storing glycogen while we're on this diet, it made me wonder if this would have a beneficial effect on the TOTM water retention issue. It was my understanding that the reason we lose so much water weight in the first week of LT is because glycogen stores are depleted, and with it goes the water weight.

Just wondered if this prinicple would be relevant for TOTM (ie no glycogen; no water retention).

My premenstrual time was last week, as it happens, so if I gained any water weight it would have affected my first weigh-in (I lost 11 lbs). Just finishing my period now so, if I know my body well enough, I should have lost any excess water by now. I didn't feel bloated last week (I usually do) but then I was losing lots of weight! :D

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