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Do you let yourself believe...


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....that you will get to your goal? I'm feeling slightly freaked at the moment because i am coming to realise that cd works, i can do it and i can be whatever size i want to be! Now, as much as that sounds quite a basic idea, its completely thrown me. It started when i was looking at a calender and realised that if i keep going as i am i could be slim by xmas. Have never quite allowed myself to believe this is possible, certainly not on any previous diets, and now find myself constantly thinking about what this new'me' will be like.
I had a problem setting any goals in the first place, as i have no idea what i will be like at different weights.
Its a fab feeling, (if a little wierd) and really keeps me motivated. Does any one else find this concept a bit freaky?!! xx
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Hey there

YES! I found exactly the same thing, not at first but as I moved through CD and the lbs started coming off a dawning realisation that this was working and I could achieve what I set out to. The great thing about it is that although freaky it gives you such a sense of self belief that it actually makes the journey seem all the more enjoyable!

Well done xx


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I do find it a little strange and I would have never believe that the weeks would fly past like they have! I so want this that I will keep going and it is a hard diet but I am enjoying it. Although slightly worried about eat hehe :D
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I can sooooo relate to what you are saying. In fact I think that it has been fear that has stopped me losing all the weight I wanted to in the past.

It's strange but i think that I have been scared to be the real me. Scared of being that slim person. Even now it gives me butterflies to think about it. It's because life will be so different. It's also exciting too!

This site has been my life saver though. I am sure I would not be this close to goal if it was not for this site keeping me in focus.

I know i'll do it this time!


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When I was in the first few weeks, or even months, of the diet, I couldn't even see the long-term goal, I was taking it stone by stone. The thought of me actually reaching my goal was mind-boggling!

But now I'm well into my 8th month of the diet and my goal is in sight! I seriously could never have imgained that I would have the inner strength to have come this far on the diet. But I have! And I can't credit it all myself, I have to credit this fantastic forum and my wonderful CDC as well :D xx


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I have not clue about weight = size. As an teenager and adult i have always been over weight. I cant imagine goal yet but i guess i will at some point.


can see the end in sight!
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i still cant quite believe i am so close as i still feel massive! but my head tells me i am only a few lbs off, and i never ever thought i would get to this point! honestly, i never thought i would get under 15 stone, let alone in the 12's!

it really hit home when i bought a pair of size 12 sass and bide black skinny jeans and they arrived today and they actually fit! i always wanted a pair when i was younger and all my friends had them and i could never get into them. its unbelievable! and also scary. but in a good way! now for the hard part though - keeping it off!
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I have to admit i get tearful thinking of the new me ( the old me ) breaking out of my fat shell ... i can’t believe i was hiding away for so long ... like others on here i have been scared at times especially when i noticed i was getting more attention and just wanted my shell back but slowly i can now see and like the slimmer me ... still have just over a stone till goal but when i started the diet i brought new size 12 jeans 3 pairs all different cut’s including skinny now i am so emotional because they are all bit baggy and nearly into the 10’s properly i have never been a size 10 ... it’s amazing what you can achieve
Also the confidence i have gained from the will power of losing weight has made me tackle of issues in my life losing weight has so many benefits not just health , looks but emotionally as well
Well done to all of you ... this may sound a little mad but i do appreciate having to lose this weight it’s made me a stronger person i have viewed the world in a different way
This forum is largely responsible for my motivation as well Thank you all ! :)


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I spent time everyday visualising my goal.... I see myself at my target, I think about what I will see, what I will hear and how it will feel.... I can even smell that moment.... I use the Paul McKenna CD to do this... but there are others out there too.

Without having a definite destination for this hard trek, I would soon wander off the path. I bring it to life everyday, because it really keeps me on track and reminds me of what it is that I really really want. I know that I WILL get there now. There's no doubt in my mind that it's going to happen, and what's more I already know that it's worth every step of this journey! It's been almost 2 years on this path now... the majority of it on the Cambridge 1200 plan, with breaks, where I practiced maintenance. I want to be sure of the permanence of my weightloss.... I've regained too many times, and I promised myself that this would be the last time I pressed the 'down button'

Sorry I've wittered on... :eek: Don't mind me I'm obsessed! ;)


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S: 12st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st9lb(5.17%)
Awww, thanks everyone for sharing... It really does help to realise that the stuff that mills around your head on this journey is not just felt by you. My OH just asked me what it was about minimins that keeps me coming back to it so much....having the chance to share the feelings about yourself and your weight and just know that others will understand is just as great as the weight loss itself, no matter how wierd those feelings may seem! xx


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The rate im going I doubt I will ever reach my goal :( I am trying top convince myself that it doesnt matter but its not working..the worse thing is the goal I set myself is not my ideal weight I would want to weight less but that would mean doing CD for even longer!


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It is hard to see yourself at goal, you are imagining something that could be completely different when it happens, ie your body shape could be totally different from how you imagine it! I try not to imagine it, just to be happy that I am where I am now and know that I WILL get to goal!



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Hi folks, I've lined all my clothes up in descending order of size on a portable clothes rail. There is a big bin at the end of the rail and I am determined to fill it with "to big to wear" garments by early next year. I have spent too much time trying on things that barely fit .....no more. I really do not want to buy clothes to grow into anymore, I do enough of that for the kids!!!
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I always used to sabotage myself. It kinda gave me a predictable safety net. But now I am letting myself think about a new future and really a new life.

I know even if I did have a blip, so far so good. It does not meanits all over its a simple move on from it.

Kinda less drama, which is always good.

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