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Do you like being a JUDDDDer?

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I'd never heard of this diet until I was having a nosey here last night just browsing... I'm currently on SW. Lost two stone - another two to go.

I'm going to stay on Slimming World for at least a little while longer, as it is working for me. But the idea of being a Judder for maintenance sounds great!

But, there doesn't seem to be much activity on this section of MiniMins... I'm not sure if that means people do this diet for a little while and then give up... or whether it is working so well that people don't need any advice!

So - are you a Judder? Do you like it? Has it worked for you? Do you stick to it literally (ie really go for it on up days and really cut back on down days) or do you exercise some caution to try and avoid a disaster?

It'd be really interesting to hear all your thoughts and progress if you've tried this diet or are currently on it - positive and negative.


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Hi Matey, Not tried it myself, but not adverse to it. Have given a shout to any juddders that may be able to help x


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I know lots of people who have had great success with this diet, but on this forum, most have moved back to what they were doing (so many choices of diets here :D)

Clairejen is the exception. She reached goal on Juddd and I think she uses it to maintain. Clairejen is found on The Last Stone mission thread.


Don't think we have anyone else here Judddering...but could be wrong.

Perhaps it's time for a roll call :)
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Hey Ste.

Well done on the 2 stone! I am a JUDDDer - sort of! I am not on the forum much as there isn't a big JUDDD prescence, so I just go it alone and don't discuss it with anyone :cry: lol

I started about 2 months ago I think. Although I have to say I haven't done it for about a month due to circumstances etc, but I started back yesterday.

I lost 3lb in a week when I first started. I wasn't exercising either. I find it quite easy to do as I have a very small appetite, so the down days weren't too bad for me. Once you have a couple of DD's under your belt, it's easy:D

The idea of the up days isn't to go overboard, but to eat what you would normally eat. In my case, I eat more than I normally would, as there needs to be a distinct difference in calories bewteen the two days. I was very much looking forward to my first up day, but I found I was barely hungry!!

Typical DD for me is a very small bowl of puffed wheat/puffed rice (Sugar puffs and Rice Krispies without the sugar!) and skimmed milk for breakfast. A clementine or apple around 10am. A low fat cup a soup for lunch. WW small tin of soup and a very small ciabatta roll for dinner. I tend to eat the same things as it makes it easier.

Today, my first UD for this session: special K and skimmed milk for breakfast. Go Ahead crispy slices at 10am. For lunch I will be having a chicken and stuffing sandwich. Dinner will be a baked pot and tuna/onion/mayo. That's a huge amount of food for me and I have to force it down! However, it seemed to work last time, so I will give it another couple of weeks to see if I will carry on. I intend of going back to the gym next week too, as I had to let that lapse :( so hopefully that will help speed things along.

I alternate days too, and try to work it accordingly with any unsocial eating plans I may have! Example, I am out for a meal Saturday so this week will be, from Monday: DD/UP/DD/UD/UD/DD. I usually have two UD's in a row on a Sat and Sun, but never two DD's.

Like I said, it suits me, but I can imagine that it's not for everyone. I am not majorley strict on my DD calories. I should be eating around 353 for a 20% loss, but I went as high as 600 last time for one day!!

If you decide to give it a go, pop a post in. It would be nice to have some company!! I'll definately be checking the forum more often now, so if there is anyone else out there......come and chat!

My OH is doing it but he doesn't go on internet forums. I'm doing Weight Watchers so we end up with a bit of a weird hybrid.

He has asthma and excema so is trying it more for its anti-inflammatory properties than for weight loss though as he's only half a stone or so overweight. He's doing down days at 45% rather than 20% and I calculate them in WW points for him as I think in those terms rather than in calories and I'm less likely to get confused that way lol.

Edited to add: I'm happy to pop on and let people know how he's doing.
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My hubby has been doing a Kind of Juddd diet since I explained the basic priniciples and he is keeping to it, which I am a bit surprised about as he has never had a problem with his weight and has eaten like a horse and has eaten whatever he likes for years. However since I started doing VLCD he said he wanted to lose some too as he prefered to be about 12 stone and he was just over 13.....he has been feeding himself and polices what goes in his mouth. He has a personal organiser on his phone which tells him if it is an up or a down day. He has lost about 10 lbs and only has a few more pounds to go and he says he feels fine on it. I has considered doing Juddd when maintaining as it sounds good for the immune system and may help you live longer in the long run.
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Hi all.

Nice to see some more people JUDDDing! Have to say, I have deflected to the calorie counting forum :eek:. I had a couple of bad down days where I had really bad shaky and dizzy spells. So it got me worried, and I thought I would try eating sensibly for a while (although what sensible is I have no idea as I still think the system behind JUDDD is great!). So now I am doing little and often, around 1100 calories a day, and lost 5lb in my first week - yay! I'll see how it goes, if it's just beginners luck then I may come back to JUDDD. Good luck everyone! :character00238:

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