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Do you make sure you use all your calories?


Slimming down the aisle
I'm just wondering whether you guys generally use up all of your calories each day or not? I'm currently only on 254 calories after a pretty big lunch (I had a rather busy morning and didn't end up getting breakfast so had an early lunch around 11 instead). I'm working 5-11 tonight so all I've got left is dinner before work and then to bed when I get home. I have to admit, I do like working evening shifts... keeps me out of the fridge!

I've set myself 1500 calories a day but I think that on a day like this where I've not ate huge amounts, I don't mind if I only have 1200. I'm using myfitnesspal and it says that I should have 1790 calories a day to lose 2 lbs a week, which is what's meant to be the healthy rate so I'm already going under the recommended allowance by having 1500. I've only just started back dieting which is why I've said 1500 and then I'll drop to 1200 if I need to or feel it would be better.

God I'm rambling! To the point... if you've set yourself 1200 calories a day or 1500 or whatever, do you make sure that you use them all? Or is the odd day not eating so much alright do you think?
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I usually try to eat all of my calories although occasionally I do go slightly over or slightly under! Am currently aiming for 1300 and I find if I eat a lot less than my allowance my losses slow down.

Good luck with CC :D



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Hi Caroline, In my humble opinion as long as you are not getting so you are depriving yourself and feeling quite satisfied I really don't see any problem with being under any more than being slighlty over.
Personally, I am on a 1000 calorie limit being disabled and sedentary 90% of the time which is quite difficult to manage menuwise but it suits me okay.

Keep up the good work anyway and remember -

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I try to eat all of my NET calories throughout the week - so that means I try to eat back my exercise cals too. Some days I may be 100 over, other days, 100 under to compensate, but overall in a week, I average out at about 1200 net a day. My boyfriend is visiting from abroad in a couple of weeks and I've not seen him in ages so would like to lose a little more than 1lb a week before then, so until he arrives I'll not eat all of my exercise calories, but will consume at least 1200 a day (as is recommended for most women without mobility or metabolic health issues). Should also help cushion the "gain" I'll probably have after the 10 days he's here (lots of trips and eating out planned which means YAY SODIUM FAKE GAINS -.- ).
Is started by using MFP and still do use it, finding it extrmely helpful as a tracker...however, it tells me I need to be eating 2400 (approx) to lose a pound a week (simply because I really am that humongous...I am pretty sedentary!) and even I, lover of food that I am, find it difficult to do that without eating junk food (I didn't get to 24 stone by eating way too much salad, after all...)

I usually hit, on average, between 1700 and 1800 calories. I can reach the heady heights of 2000 on a weekend, usually because we treat ourselves to a yummy bacon butty for breakfast on Sunday and possibly a cheeky wee chocolate bar on Saturday. My dietician has advised that this is a good and healthy ammount of calories to be eating day to day to lose the weight that I am carrying. When it gets to the point that I have to eat less than that much to lose then I'll just have to adjust my diet as so.

I don't think I'm in any real big danger of "doing it wrong" when it comes to my net calories. I generally therefore don't bother to log my exercise. There is research suggesting that a morbidly obese person can safely undergo a massively reduced calorie intake simply because of the ammount of fat stored in their body, but a merely "overweight" person would be wise to heed the advice of MFP.

On the other hand, I once knew a girl who lost five stone by eating 1500 calories every day till she got there. It's nice to have something tailor made, and I'm glad I don't currently have to stick to that, but if she could do it that way maybe some of us could benefit with relaxing the calorie counts a little. Whatever works for you I guess is the main thing :)
I certainly don't eat all of them every day. So far it seems to be working. But sometimes I'll eat over...like on Friday we got McDonalds and it pushed me up from 1200 to about 2000! Somehow I still lost weight the next day :)
I generally eat all of my net calories. Sometimes I go over, sometimes under. I also eat most of my exercise calories.
If I have gone over too much I will make sure I am under for several days to make up for it!!

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