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Do you need to prep?


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Newbie saying hello. I feel like I'm at the start of a very long journey. I've made an appointment to see a Cambridge Diet Counsellor on Saturday.

I've been reading your stories all weekend and I'm so inspired. I want to achieve what a lot of you have achieved or are well on your way to achieving. GOAL!!!

Wish me well, I want to loose 5 stone to bring me down to a healthy BMI of 23. I'm currently 14 st and a size 18.:eek:

I haven't been a size 10 in about 20 years - can't believe I've let my weight take my youth like it has. But I've decided that I don't want to be fat and 40. Time to change things now. I'm currently 36, about to return to work after a year off on maternity leave and I feel like I'm on the cusp of a new me.

I'm keen to just jump in when I get the products from the CDC. Do you have to do prep or can you just make a start? Mentally I feel ready now - and I just want to go for it...
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Hiya, just wanted to say welcome to Mini's and good luck on cd. It wouldn't do any harm to cut down on carbs for a few days prior to starting, should make carb withdrawl a bit easier. Oh and staring to increase your water intake is a good idea too if you haven't already.:)


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Hi Lyn, thanks for your reply, I'm Lynda, just realised I didn't put my name...

I've been walking around with a glass of water constantly in my hand all weekend. I usually drink a lot of water, so I'll just have to up the quantity a bit more.

Bread is my downfall, I lost 2 stone about 5 years ago in time for my wedding by cutting out bread and watching my portion size. That has all crept back on plus another stone! Sitting around at home watching TV hasn't been good for me.

Will make a conscious effort to cut out bread from today, need to rethink lunch. That's why this diet will be good for me - no need to think what I'm having!!


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Hello again. Are you gonna do sole source or a food plan? One thing I would say is the first time with a vlcd (very low calorie diet) is the 'golden time'. I done foundation of LL (lighterlife) 3 years ago and couldn't believe how easy it was and all it took was one cheat (curry chips) after 10 weeks and that was it, I have never been able to stick to a vlcd again since. So try not eat if you're on sole source or have things you shouldn't if on a food plan.;)
Just to echo what Lyn's already said really hun... Try to reduce your carbs if you can, you'd be suprised what you'll find them in if you check the labels on things. But bread, pasta, potatoes etc is a good way to start. And the upping the water intake is also a good idea too :) Good luck with your CD journey! It's a fast ride so hold on tight! x


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congratulations on taking the first step. i did no prep at all and getting into ketosis wasn't all that bad...it just felt a bit like a mild hangover with the carb withdrawel! but everyones different, and whatever you can do to make the first few steps of the journey easier the better!

good luck, not that you will need it on this diet!


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thank you for the welcome

Thanks everyone :)

Initially I want to do ss as I think I need a break away from making food choices. Feel it might be the easier option for me, as I have an almost one year old to run around after and not much time for myself.

I've been thinking about what my rewards/milestones will be and I've got a few that I can't wait for:
get down to 13st - have a facial
down to 12st - starting horse riding again
down to 11st - in time for wedding anniversary
down to 10st - full body massage
down to 9st - new wardrobe of clothes :D:D:D:D


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You go for it girl, them's a good wee list of incentives there. I'd love to have a facial, might make it one of my incentives lol.
i had my first meeting on a saturday too and I started sunday morning :) All i did was try have my final blow out before I met my cdc and then i started. scary stuff :)


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Purplepixie You've done so well already! We have a similar amount to loose. Hope I do as well as you in my first week.

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