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Do you or have you...


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I have, once, although I feel ashamed about it. I had a planned break off the diet one Friday due to a works night out. But then couldn't stop eating all weekend, totally pigged out on crisps, chocolates and sweets, then purged... Never done that before and I hate throwing up when I'm ill. Only managed a little anyway, so it wasn't worth it and I wont be doing it again.

Am on a downer at the moment as I slipped up (again, but this time unplanned) at the weekend. Been having some crispbread with cheese, and leftover chocs in the evenings ever since. Weigh-in tonight and I'm dreading it. I KNOW I will have gained, my own scales show it, and it will be the first time since I started over 2 months ago. Having another break this weekend, a friend's 40th birthday party which I'd planned to attend before I joined CD. Looking forward to having some drinks again, and I will eat some light meals during the day and the evening before as advised by my CDC so the alcohol wont be dangerous. So.... from next week, I will be back at SS 100% until Christmas. Just hope I haven't blown it too much with this week and the party on Saturday :(


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Hi Emma

yes - twice. not very pleasant... but that's how f**ked up i am.

they were mega mega binges and i instantly regretting eating all the rubbish i did and i panicked and i did it...

i'm not bullimic or ever been bullimic... but to be honest, what harm did i do to myself... I never did that on any other diet i've ever been on.
Btw... you are the only person (and this forum) that knows that i've done that to myself.

why do you ask?
I done it once and would never do it again, I feel cambridge allows us to reflect on old bad eating habits and if you get into a cycle of binge than purge its just replacing one bad habit with another seriously bad habit.

Just my opinion though.


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I only ask because I have heard that a few people do do it. I have done it a couple of times, mainly after a binge when my stomach has felt revolting afterwards. I never plan on it though, it's like a guilt thing. But I think regardless of whether you sick up whatever you have had, you are undoubtedly out of ketosis, so probably really not worth it!

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I wouldnt and couldnt do that. Id rather face the fact that i've eaten and deal with it at weigh in and get myself back on track asap or get moved up a plan so i can eat a meal without binging on crap.

Ive never been able to make myself sick anyway not even when i had my drink spiked and i was very determined to make myself sick.

I think even if i could do that i wouldnt chose to as it could become a habit. If you know you can do it after a binge arent you just going to continue to do that after every binge and start to think its ok to do it?!

I don't think its ok to do it, and I've done it twice - not proud about it - just being honest.

I certainly don't think it's ok to binge. I don't think it's ok to make yourself sick after binging. I don't think it's ok being 5 stone overweight either. Doing it twice doesnt make it a habit (well i don't think it does).

Anyhow... i know it's wrong and i'm a very bad girl for doing it. Don't need any lectures - don't need to be preached too, thank you very much.

yep... bad practice.

like years and years and years of overeating and doing absolutely no exercise whatsoever. Now that definitely was bad practice. Or maybe that was habit. Yep, i definitely think that was habit.


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I agree - bad practise. It's a difficult one though. CD is so amazing but when it doesn't go to plan, the mind games can kick in and cause you do do allsorts. Once I purposely had a low cal meal, then skipped round my garden like a loon for 30 mins to burn 200 cals! lol

I have a phobia of being sick or people being sick even the sound sends me running lol

If youve eaten it deal with it, it'll come out ya bum sooner or later anyway :D


is a naughty girl...
i'm with you mrsessex! I have thought wow I could be sick, but i couldnt do it! just physically couldn't. I mean what difference honestly can one binge make?!
its surprising reading the ammount of people that have, i didnt think it would be as many!
i personally wouldnt i just know i couldnt make myself sick over eating ... its bad enough when you're ill...

is the thought of what you would feel like after a binge enough for you not to eat it in the 1st place?...

fingers crossed i dont end up with egg on my face ....x


please try again
never made myself sick but i have a wimpy stomach and digestive tract and after one carb heavy meal my stomach rebelled and back some of it came. i dont understand why thou since i had eaten those foods pre cd

vomiting after a binge is prolly not the best idea but it aint my place to judge anyone , how do i know i wont be standing in exactly the same place one day


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not intentionally, but I has some take away pizza in my second week, wasnt going to but it looked lush Ooops, it was really hot and cheesy so quite greasy too really, we I had read so many times just to drink plenty of water and draw a line under it, well thats what I did 500mls of freezing cold water lets just say they didnt mix well :(
When I lost weight in 2000 through eating very little and going to the gym almost every day I maintained by binge/starve cycle and if I had gone out on a friday night often would take about 3 or 4 dulcelax so I would be too ill to eat on Saturday and wouldn't be tempted to carry on. I also kept a food and exercise diary for a couple of years-each day.
I remember xmas 2001, being so proud that for 3 days after my xmas day pig out I lived on 1 muller light and 2 options each day.
I never did, and never could make myself sick but as you can see the fear of being overweight again and losing what I believed I had gained by becoming slim messed my head up and I was actually less healthy in many ways.
I am never going there again, and that's why I now plan my days off and live with the extra pounds for a week.
Mr T knows what I was like when I met him and would never let me get away with abusing myself like that,also I know he loves me whatever shape I am.

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