Do you pick?


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Nope, I have never eaten anything on any of my TFR journeys...


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hi annes, i am one of the really lucky guys here,i do not have to go into the kitchen to cook any food for anyone as my darling husband does all the cooking for my family,my daughter has done my shopping for as long as i can remember i dont even know the price of a loaf of to next week.x


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Ive been tempted 100s of times but honestly haven't give in to it, i only get or think i am hungry when i smell food not just by the sight of it, i do miss food .


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Hi Annes
I have never picked when on TFR......I have to shop, prepare and cook for my hubby and it honestly doesnt touch my lips! When I am not on TFR I do taste, pick, etc...but when on TFR that just goes.

I would try not to takes a while to get used to it, but it will affect your weight loss and could quite easily take you out of ketosis.


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No i have never picked at anything, the penalty is too big. If i was in a place in my head where i just had to pick i would actully decide to eat something healthy, a proper meal. I know what i'm like and if i picked at something bad i would just stuff my face. Like Scotsmist said be careful as picking can/will keep you out of ketosis.


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I have never picked on TFR and don't intend to. I do all the shopping and prepare and cook all the family's food. I have taken the kids to Macdonalds today and the smell of the chips were very tempting. I have just cooked my hubby Chicken Tikka Masala with chips, rice and naan bread (one of my favourites) and I'm sat here with a glass of water...mmmmm!

I just said to my hubby, if I was on an ordinary diet like WWatchers I would have given in and had the curry.


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I had one strand of cheese whilst grating.....! That is honestly the only morsel of food that had passed my lips.


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hi no i have never picked since starting i have to cook everyday for my son and fella but dont pick. was hard at first but dont even think about it know.


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Hi Annes,
what happened me in the past is that when I tried to re-start LT on numerous occasions and I started picking, that was the end of it for me. I started to pick more and more and finally give up.
I did it successfully before for nine weeks but never touched a single morsel and this time I am on it for almost three weeks now.
I have to cook every single day as I have four kids and hubby who works nights. I work nights too but am on relief so I pick and choose when i go in.
In actual fact, I have become much more interested in healthy cooking and food for the family since being on LT. I have started thinking of new things to cook and love smelling everything!!! Really weird, I know.