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do you plan?

I plan every weeks dinners/lunches on a Sunday morning and write up a big shopping list and go get all the stuff the same night - if I didn't I'd end up going off plan. I usually wait until the day to decide if I'm doing red or EE.
I don't plan, I do a 'big shop' on a Monday night & just buy what I know will fit in with the plan & what I fancy.

Each morning I usually have fruit for breakfast but I'll decide what with then. Same with lunch it's whatever I fancy in the morning. Tea is a surprise, I tell OH what I can eat that day & he just makes something:p

I tend to eat the same variety of foods, which I know isn't good.
I write a list whilst i eat my takeaway after Wi on a wed night, i plan 1 meal for each day of the week. i then buy all the ingrediants on the thurs, and just pick what i fancy of the list day by day. that way i always have the ingrediants but dont feel completly restricted to the list iv made. x
I plan the day before what Im going to eat...it doesnt always turn out that way by the evening, but I still make sure that Im sticking to plan.
I might do!! I'm not telling you! Its a secret!! hahahahahaha

Hiya mate ....I try to plan but it doesn't always work out quite right.

I bring my brekki's and lunches to work with me which helps but if I haven't planned dinner I end up faffing around in the kitchen (waiting for inspiration to strike) and picking as I go!

So I reckon planning, at least a day at a time, is the way forward!

Jo x
I am a bit obsessive about planning! I sit in my lunch break on a Friday and plan for the whole week ahead so that I can go out Saturday morning and buy in what I need.

I do stick to it most of the time, but this week have made a few changes as am not too well and just didn't fancy what I'd planned.

I KNOW that if I didn't plan and stick to it, I'd end up panicking about what to have and eat any old junk! Plus DH often does the cooking so it means he knows what we're having without being told :D
when doing ww i used to plan and i found that i couldnt stick to it that way as id plan the weeks food then one day would not fancy whatever i had planned and then went downhill after breakfast so this time im not planning luckily i have a co-op 5 doors from my house so if i havnt got anything in i can pop in there. (this is however lethal as i can spend a fortune on shopping)
Money is an issue for me so I plan week by week what I am going to buy. I usually rely on offers to determine what meals I can make and have to plan what day I am doing the night before so I don't wake up really hungry and go off plan. I also buy a few quick syn free cupboard items for those "can't wait til later" moments.
I plan a weekly menu including lunches for work, main meals and deserts trying to stick to deserts of 5 syns or less
I do that on a Friday night and then we go shopping on the Saturday.
I do EE all week, so the days aren't rigid, I just pick a meal from the weekly list and make sure the meat is out of the freezer the day before.
I like lists, so my menu is stuck on the fridge so I can check it most days.
I plan daily. I have free food in the house at all times so that I can grab and munch it the need to feed is really urgent! I usually decide in the morning what day I am doing and work from there.

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