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Do you reward yourselves after weigh in?

Do you reward yourselves after weigh in either with a food treat or something else?

I've got into the habit of the same meal after weigh in, not totally to plan because I mix gammon with sin free chips and have it with egg and mushrooms but if I've done well and not had all my syns that week I feel I deserve it.:p

My mum is so sweet and buys me some jewellery for each stone I lose. It's a nice reward in the post.

What do you all do whether it's been a good week or bad?
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Wee Doll

Silver Member
i dont usually but i last week i had a mini spring roll lol

last time il be doing that cause i havnt had any food like that in weeks it made me feel ill

i generally dont feel the need to i just have my normal food


Not evil at all
I used to buy a pack of chocolate orange hifi's every week and eat one as a treat even if I'd had all of my HEB's.. not much of a treat really is it. Now I have a charm bracelet to decorate after each stone lost :)

Wee Doll

Silver Member
im 1 lb off my stone and this is my 4th weigh in, i doubt i have made it as ive been so bad but once i do get my stone off my bf is buying me this from ernest jones

half stones off get me new shoes full stone gets me jewellery :D


Nojo on the YoYo
Loooooove that charm bracelet idea! I might steal that and instead of having a takeaway after weigh in, save the fiver I would have spent and when I lose each stone, cash it in for a charm from Azendi. I do loooove Azendi!


No Coffee, No Workee
I have a Pandora bracelet and I get a charm/bead for it for each half stone I lose :D

After weigh in I quite often have something that feels naughty but is well within plan (a lot of the time it's either a big bowl of syn free chips with plenty of salt and black pepper and light mayo for dipping (mayo is 2.5 syns per tbsp for the light one) or a Starbucks Tall Skinny Latte with sugar free syrup - use the milk as HexA and it's free!).

It's quite a change for me, often in the past I'd have just have a blow out after weigh in thinking it didn't count - but of course it still does. I know better now :)


Strutting her stuff
As long as what you are having is counted from your syn allowance then fair enough but I know some people who see a post-WI treat as an excuse to have a binge without counting the syns. I've never seen the point of this as the extra calories don't just disappear and all they are really doing is starting of their next week at a huge disadvantage and making is more unlikely that they will lose the following week.
I think the bracelet idea is great, I too will look into that. A constant reminder of how well it's going would be great for those tempting moments.

I agree that synning whatever meal is just as important as any other day but have to admit I thought I'd be bad and stop for something off plan on the way home. Haven't done so far! One week I had bought muffins for the children to have after tea and there was one in the car for after slimming which I knew I could have as my syns for the day. I took 1 bite and had no desire for the rest of it. Normally I'd have eaten it anyway but for the first time in my life I just left it. That was quite a moment for me even if it seems small!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Im quite boring really, I dont "treat" myself with anything unless I need it, so for me after class weigh in, its the same as every other night!
Wow! I'm so glad I came across this thread! I think I will have to play a bit more on my weightloss to my boyf/mum lol Especially as they are allowed to eat lots of tasty rubbish. We went to Drayton manor yesterday - my boyfriend had a large burger and chips meal.. a hot donut.. a massive bag of sugary sweets.. and I had - homemade PASTA SALAD! After all that torture surely I deserve something! haha!
If im completely honest I always have 'treat night' on a tuesday after weigh in, as long as i have lost weight, personally it has worked for me, but others it may not. I have always always dieted for 6 days a week, for the last 3 years ive been doing it, and on the 7th day, which used to be a sunday i would eat what i wanted, it gives me something to aim for through the week if im having a low moment, it hasnt done me any harm and ive lost 3.5 stone over the past couple of years, i still do it now, but as my weight loss has slowed right up i am cutting out the 'treat night' just to see if that helps a bit. On average i tend to walk between 3-6 miles each day, so after treat night i always step up the walking and add a couple of miles on. It works for some and others it doesnt. I do find though with SW if you have an off day but get back on it, it affects my weight loss that week, where as when i was on weight watchers if i had a off week it wouldnt affect my weigh in as much, i cant work it out, but again everyone is different. xx
I haven't treated myself yet, i think it helps i have a lunch time weigh in because by the time i get home etc it's history. i personally don't have anything at all, ever, without writing it down and syning it, but that's just me!
I have trained my husband to pick up some nice fruit for me each week I am at class, as a reward. Usually something like a big pineapple, or anything new and exotic. Before SW, he used to often buy me a box of chocs or bottle of wine as surprise pressies. Hmmm, wonder why I put on weight!
I always have a hifi bar as I drive home from WI and maybe a bit more cheese than I'm allowded on my jacket when I get home, but I agree with everyone else, the is no point having massive blow out as it's more of a hill to climb for next WI x
My treat this week was a bowl of cornflakes with sugar!! I live life to the full ;)

I have my dinner before I go to class on a Monday night, then I am not hungry when I get home, therefore not tempted to stop off at the takeaway!

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