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do you stop OBSESSING about food?


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Hi guys
Just wondering if after a while on LL you stop obsessing (thinking) about food most the time?
Although i did LL before i was only 100% abstinent for 2 weeks and started adding protein rich no carb food to my diet but want to do it 100% this time. Because i was still eating last time i was obviously thinking of food. Does that get easier?
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I can only speak for myself, but I have not obsessed about food on the diet at all. If I start to think of food, I just try and push it away. I think part of my being able to do that was I had about 8 weeks to psyche myself up before the diet started as I met my LLC right in the midst of the holidays. I spent weeks imagining myself doing the diet, and not eating. I did an awful lot of difficult mental work before I even began the diet. It was hard work, but by the time the diet started, I was so fed up with food, I didn;t even have a last meal! I really couldn;t wait to stop eating. Then, once I started, whenever a thought pops in my mind, I just swtich it off, because I know its not an option, so why entertain the thought?

Now, after months on the diet, I think about food, as in the future. What I will prepare. How I will shop. What I will continue to buy pre-made and what I will change to making from scratch - those orts of things. Just sort of picturing new habits and a new lifestyle, etc.

This certainly does not mean to sound glib, but we are in control of what we think about, and we can stop or start a thought if we really want to. So I would suggest, just tell yourself there's no point wasting time thinking about something you are choosing not to have, and switch to thinking about your future. Your goals, the acheivement you are pursuing...those kinds of things. Pretty soon you will constantly have your eye on the prize you won't want to think about food!

Good luck!
Hi, yes it definately gets easier, first few days/early weeks, you are constantly thinking about what you can't have etc. After a bit you kind of just become resigned to the diet and even enjoy it. However you do get days where its a lot more difficult than others, but I would say that once you've got a couple of weeks under your belt, you don't think about food nearly as much. x


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As said before it does get easier. I now find it hard to think of eating again, but that is probably my complete fear of putting on weight again.

Hang in there, and do what we do watch porn:eek::eek: Food porn of course and can be found in the form of Saturday Kitchen, Jamie at Home and all sort of other programmes.
I have even started a book that I write ideas down in for what I am going to prepare once I can get back in the kitchen to rattle some pots and pans.

Hang in there. Our LLC last night reminded us that the counselling is based on addiction counselling. Not sure about you but I was addicted, I would eat for the sake of eating, very seldom savouring something.

It will get better and you know the best thing is when you are slim it will still be there for you to have in moderation.

Hope I do not sound like a know it all, just my thoughts.


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Thanks, and it was especially your post that helped more than you can imagine!
I now push food out of my mind because "its not an option". I wish everyone could really put that into practice as it REALLY does make things SO much easier!!!

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