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do you take advantage.......

of your library?:secret:
well since being on a tight budget i joined my local library and now can reserve books online and pick them up when they become avaliable.It is only 25p to reserve and today i picked up 3 ww books and copy out all the recipe's that appeal to me,after a month take them back and all it cost me was 75p:eek:

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I love my library im in there most Saturdays getting new books. Might have to check out the cook ones! xx


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I love my local library, simply couldn't afford to buy the books i read, have borrowed a few of the cookery ones. Always end up taking out to many and end up renewing. Also borrow cd's and dvd's:)


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mine is pants too, i went in there to get a book on chemistry just a basic one, i wasnt really bothered, and they had ZERO chem books. not one!


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I definately love my library!!

I reserve online and have the books i want delivered to my local one for 50p i think it is :D Feel like a nerd when the younger people at work ask what im doing at the weekend :giggle:
My library is really rubbish. I was looking for Psychology books back when I started my course, nothing really fancy and all I found were these lousy self-help books which were pretending to be about psychology, I had been a devout member of the library until that point. I might check out my uni library though, see if they've got anything.


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I love the library - I look even forward to going and changing my books - how sad is that! It would cost me a fortune to buy all the books I read. My library is not so hot on non-fiction though, they seem to have neglected the factual books since the internet has become popular.


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a by product of getting hooked on WW for me has been getting a real interest in cooking but I don't have many cook books so might have a nosey through my local library and see what I find, like the idea of ordering online I know my local library is part of a "chain" of library's in the region which share books so might find something in another and get it shipped to mine, woot, thanks for the idea! xxx


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I haven't bought any books for absolutely ages. I'm lucky that the libraries here are fantastic especially now that reservations are free. I can get any book transferred to my local branch within days at no cost. Okay some new paperbooks are heavily subscribed and you have to wait till you get them but they've recently introduced a 7-day loan on popular titles so the turnaround is quicker. Worth checking out slow cooking recipe books as well.

As an aside, have you signed up to library elf? It's worth while checking if this works in your are. Register your card and you get emails warning you when books are about to be due back. No more overdue fines!

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